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Cisco CUIC Developer
Ref No.: 13-00461
Location: Hartford, Connecticut
Position Type:Right to Hire
Start Date: 09/27/2013
Job Title: Cisco CUIC Developer
Long term Constant
Work remote.
Location:? Hartford, CT

Reporting concepts and capabilities and features of Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) reports
Modify reports from normal data sources (Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified CVP) by customizing reports using various methods (i.e. create thresholds, show/hide columns, and charts)
Create custom reports from normal data sources (Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified CVP) as well as new data sources
Install, administer, and provide security for the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center solution

1. Must have 3-5 year experience in the following Cisco Unified Intelligence Center elements:
CUIC experience and integration with CVP, ICM, UCCE:
?o CUIC Deployment Models ?
?o High-Level Architecture
?o Personalizing Reports
?o Operation, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning
?o Using CUIC
?o Working with Stock Reports
?o Dashboards

2. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Administration and Security
Managing Users and Security in CUIC
?o Security Model: Authentication
?o User Security
?o Predefined CUIC Objects
?o Permissions for Objects
?o Adding a User
?o Adding a User Group
?o Log In the New Users
?o Security Use Cases
?o Best Practices for User Security

3. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reports
Running CUIC Reports
?o Real-Time vs. Historical Reports
?o Stock Reporting Templates: Unified CCE
?o Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Deployed with Unified Contact Center Enterprise (CCE)
?o Set Up Unified CCE as a Data Source
?o Run a Unified CCE Stock Report
?o Available Stock Reports: Unified CVP
?o Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Deployed with Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP)
?o Unified CVP Stock Report output
Using Permalinks
?o Permalinks
?o Report Permalinks
?o Dashboard Permalinks
Modifying CUIC Stock Reports
?o Modifying Reports
?o Creating a Copy of a Stock Report
?o Modifying the New Report

4. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reporting
?Creating a New CUIC Report
o?Knowing Your Data Source
o?Reporting in a Multichannel Environment
o?Creating a New Report
o?Creating a Dashboard

5. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Installation, Administration, and Security
Installing CUIC
o?Installation Process
o?Logging into CUIC
o?Applying the License File
o?New Member Node
CUIC Administration
?o Administration User Management
?o Managing Devices
?o Control Center
?o Report Scheduler E-Mail Settings
?o Cisco Unified CCE User Integration

Using Value Lists and Collections
?o Value Lists and Collections
?o Associating a Value List with a Report: Database Query
?o CUIC Query Types
?o Associating a Value List with a Report: Anonymous Block or Stored Procedure
?o Creating a Collection
?o Collection Types
?o Management and Security

6. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reporting
Cisco Unified CCE Key Concepts
?o WebView vs. Unified Intelligence Center
?o Characteristics of Unified CCE Data
?o Why Report Data Can Differ
?o Importance of Configuration and Scripting
Using Report Definitions
?o Report Definitions and Reports
?o Creating a Report Definition
?o Creating a Report Definition and Report
?o Creating New Data Sources
Call Detail Record Searches
?o Call Detail Records
?o Importing a Report
?o Exporting a Report