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Human Resources Data Analyst
Ref No.: 17-01660
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Client: Human Resources Data Analyst
Location: Atlanta,GA
Duration: 6+ Months
Submission Deadline: 06/09/2017

Job Description:
The Human Resources Data Analyst will provide assistance to the Office of Human Resources and be able to effectively collaborate with Human Resources staff and business leaders on initiatives related to workforce planning, culture, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, compensation and recognition and who can analyze and portray a range of HR-related performance indicators.
  • Analyze and portray information based on a host of HR-related data and performance indicators
  • Develop reports, prepare analyses and make predictions based on data and analysis
  • Prepare recommendations for decisions based on data and analysis
  • Present both high-level and detailed information to a variety of audiences in a variety of formats
  • Work closely with HR leadership to understand division and Port-wide priorities and initiatives and determine what data and analysis can be most beneficial in supporting organizational efforts
  • Assist HR Strategic Business Partners with their information needs around workforce planning and other efforts
  • Collaborate with HR and Information Technology staff to extract and synthesize data from multiple sources
  • Develop new and/or more automated ways of tracking and retrieving data; may assist with implementation of business analysis tool, including providing business requirements and assisting with evaluation of tools
  • Identify data gaps; make recommendations for what HR data needs to be maintained
The ideal candidate will possess the following:
  • Bachelor's degree in business or public administration, human resources, statistics, data management/data analysis or a related field 
  • 5-8 years or the equivalent combination of education and/or relevant experience
  • Advanced skill level in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access; proficiency in all other Office Suite tools
  • Experience utilizing business analytics software is preferred (e.g. Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft BI stack, etc.)
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, both verbal and written
  • Experience with research methods, data evaluation and analysis
  • Familiarity with HR systems and processes (e.g. NEOGOV, HRIS systems, etc.)
  • Experience developing and delivering public presentations
 Skills and Abilities:
  • Skilled at computations, calculations and data manipulation processes
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities, research issues and work independently
  • Ability to show the utmost respect for others and participate as a team player
  • Ability to maintain computer software skills, including advanced Excel, Access and/or business analytics skills
  • Ability to learn and become a power user of business analytics software
  • Ability to demonstrate the Port's commitment to valuing differences among individuals and a passion for being inclusive.
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  Type   Qualification   Description   Competency   Experience   Required    
  Skills   Communication skills both verbal and written       Advanced   5-6 yrs   Yes  
  Skills   Data Analysis       Expert   5-6 yrs   Yes  
  Skills   Microsoft Access       Advanced   5-6 yrs   Yes  
  Skills   Microsoft Office Professional       Advanced   5-6 yrs   Yes  
  Skills   Presentation skills       Expert   5-6 yrs   Yes