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Columbus, OH - IT - PUC - Technical Specialist 4/TS4
Ref No.: 17-00471
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Job Classification TS4 (Technical Specialist) PUCO
Role Sales force Consultant
Requirement Description:  short description on what they will be working on, objectives, and tasks/deliverables ***Manager Notes: Candidate must have experience setting up Salesforce Communities and setting up an organization to run Salesforce for the first time. Core development is also a must with Apex and visual force. ***
PUCO plans to modernize its IT environment by moving many of its applications to Salesforce.  PUCO is a legacy .NET shop so internal staff will be required to learn Salesforce in order to provide ongoing support, maintenance and enhancements
For this role PUCO is looking for a resource that has strong Salesforce solution development experience to include configuring Salesforce, working with Salesforce API's and developing customizations (i.e. using Apex).  The candidate will need to have experience working with the various Salesforce environments (e.g. promoting code from the sandbox to production). This person will also need to have strong communication skills to work effectively with customers and to serve as a trainer/mentor of PUCO's in-house application developers who are learning Salesforce.  We expect the person will have a good understanding of the various Salesforce licenses, communities and best practices for Salesforce development.  Experience with Lightning is a plus.
Ideal candidate will have broad based past experience in designing, prototyping, and building custom data centric web based applications in either MS or Oracle based client/server environments.
The developer would be asked to work with business users on helping to develop requirements and functionality that is desired by the business, so excellent communication skills are a must.
Break down of work
  • New Development/Maintenance – 30-40% - independent development work
  • Training/Mentoring – 40-50% - educating PUCO IT team on Salesforce and assisting with development activity assigned to PUCO staff
  • Standards/Contract Review – 10-20% - help establish standards for Salesforce development at PUCO and assist with review of design/development work of PUCO contracted Salesforce integrators
  • Currently PUCO has six .NET developers, and two Business Analysts.  This person will function as the lead Salesforce developer. 
This is canned statement with hours, background check and interview date/time During the interview process with the PUCO staff, the resource consultant must demonstrate competence/experience in their specific area(s) of project assignment. The resource's experience must also be documented for review and verification. Offered resources not showing technical or functional competence/experience will be sufficient reason to reject the Offeror's proposal.  It is the responsibility of the Offeror to pre-screen their candidates to ensure compliance. 
  • Strong communication/ leadership skills.
  • Strong influence, collaboration and negotiation experience.
  • Ability to collaborate with supporting resources across business and/or functional lines.
  • Have excellent oral and written skills/possess strong meeting and work session facilitation skills.
  • Have the ability to work independently and as part of a team, the ability to manage time and resources to meet assigned deadlines.
  • Have strong understanding of prioritization stemming from the elicitation of system and/or user requirements.
  • Have excellent organizational skills, proven analytical, planning, problem solving, and decision-making skills.
  • Must be knowledgeable in the English language/speak clearly and understandably use the English language.
Mandatory Requirements/Time
  • 5 plus years if experience with (S-Controls, AJAX Toolkit, Apex API) development experience including Apex.
  • 1 Year of experience working with Salesforce setting up Salesforce communities.
  • 8 plus years of experience in object oriented programming (Java) to include skills in HTML, XML, scripting languages (JavaScript, PL SQL)
  • 3 plus years of Enterprise Architecture Experience
  • 3 plus years mentoring or training developers
  • 3 plus years of experience developing custom solutions
Desired Skills/Time