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PROJECT_MANAGEMENT - Enterprise Project Manager - Intermediate
Ref No.: 17-00401
Location: COLUMBIA, South Carolina
Client: Department of Health and Human Services
Location: Columbia,SC
Duration: 12 Months
Remote Work Availability: 50%

Job Description:
The Replacement Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) project is one of the largest IT projects for the State of South Carolina. It is a multi-year effort to replace the State's aging MMIS and related applications with more modern capabilities along with corresponding business operations services. The overall project is divided into six efforts:
These sub-projects and their individual project deliverables represent the scope of the Replacement MMIS Project. 

The Replacement MMIS Project Coordinator is responsible for project management support to multiple sub-projects and project managers. The scope of these responsibilities includes:

Integrated Master Schedule Development and Maintenance – required to maintain the project schedule through a master schedule to include sub-project schedules as required, enabling the PMO to monitor the critical path of the project. During the life of the project, a project coordinator is needed to work alongside the project team to define the project schedule to include a master schedule as well as any sub-project schedules. The schedule includes defining the work in activities defined in the WBS and WBS dictionary. The activities, major milestones, and deliverables are defined along with their cost account, WBS number, dependencies (predecessors / successors), durations, and resources. The completed product will serve as a base-lined resource-loaded schedule which includes a critical path. This schedule along with other project documents will be approved by the PMO and senior leadership.

Milestone Planning – this includes coordination with the PMO Director, the Project Director and the project leadership team in establishing the major milestones and phase gates (internally derived or externally driven) needed to achieve program/project success and planning for the accomplishments and tasks leading to successful completion of the milestones. In general, support will be required to maintain a detailed record of project activities to include meeting facilitation, agenda development, meeting minutes, and other artifacts to enable SCDHHS or any external audit organization to evaluate work performed and decisions finalized. In addition, support is needed to work with the PMO and the project team in preparing for the state and federal gate reviews. The PMO, with this support mechanism, will help prepare for the visit, prepare presentation documentation and material, and help prepare any other project related documents needed, to assure its success.

Project Integration – this includes inter- and intra-project planning, coordination, and monitoring in a hybrid agile environment.

Execution and Reporting Support – this includes assisting the program team with project management and project controls; deploying tools needed to manage and track progress on projects; and establishing, tracking, and reporting relevant metrics used to evaluate the health of the program and its constituent projects. In order to report on the project's status (Base-lined work estimated vs. actual work completed), the project team with this support will be required to submit a Monthly Status Report that provides a thorough and detailed status of the project and project schedule. This must assess the status of all project activities; identify major accomplishments, and report issues and risks that are impacting the project. The report must also include an activity forecast for the next month and up to 6 months, highlighting any critical items (such as agency and executive decision points) that must be carefully watched in order to keep the project on a successful path. This report will be reviewed and approved by the Project Director.

Risk/Issue/Opportunity (RIO) Management Support – this includes assisting the program team with identifying, analyzing, managing, and reporting on relevant risks, issues, and opportunities affecting the program as well as maintaining the tools used for RIO management. Vendor team will compile, maintain and update risk documentation throughout the project. Risks must consider all federal and state regulations and guidelines. The team must support the maintenance of a risk database (or agreed upon risk management tool) to capture, track and document risks and associated elements. The support team will prepare regular Risk Reports for status review with teams bi-weekly and throughout the Project. The report will list the project risks, identify which risks are acceptable, and provide a mitigation plan for risks that are not acceptable.

Program Governance Support – this includes assistance and consultation in establishing the processes and tools used to document product priorities, delineate formal program/project scope, manage changes to the product and program/project scope, and document product baselines.

• Microsoft Project 2010 or above
• Microsoft Project Server 2010 or above
• Experience in project management support of major (multi-million dollar) projects.
• Knowledge of Medicaid.
• Ability to effectively work and communicate, in both oral and written, with all levels of the Agency from frontline workers to Executive Staff as well as the Contractor(s).
• Impeccable integrity. This project will have very high visibility and will impact significant expenditures of public funds. Candidates must be confident with their abilities to make correct decisions and the courage to speak out when necessary.
• Willingness and ability to effectively engage with people and organizations on a continuous basis.

Bachelor Degree, preferred

PMP Certification, preferred

Category Name Required Importance Level Last Used Experience  
MMIS - Medicaid Management Informaiton System Medicaid Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 2 - 4 Years    
Packaged Applications Microsoft Project Server 2013 Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 1 - 2 Years    
Packaged Applications MS Project Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 4 - 6 Years    
Program Management Strong background in project management in a healthcare insurance information technology environment Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 4 - 6 Years    
Specialties Project Management Yes 1 Lead Currently Using 4 - 6 Years