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NCDOT - Technical Architect- Expert
Ref No.: 16-01904
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Client: NCDOT¿
Location: Raleigh NC
Duration: 12 Months
Agency Interview Type: Either Webcam Interview or In Person

Job Description:
The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is seeking an expert level Identity and Access Management (IAM) technical architect.
The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is seeking an expert level Identity and Access Management (IAM) technical architect.  This position is responsible for administrating the Enterprise Optimal IDM Virtual Directory service, a partner service to the Identity and Access Management service for NCDOT in an operational capacity. The systems within this service underpin all authentication, and application authorization in the NCDOT computing environment that utilize Optimal IDM. This position is responsible for, but not limited to administrating, and assisting with the tuning, capacity planning, and disaster recovery, patching, upgrading & securing of the Optimal IdM service.   Assist other team members in the team environment on projects that provide Infrastructure type resources to NCDOT. Pro-actively monitor all related systems with available tools to ensure greater system uptime. Responsible for maintaining all operational documentation of process and procedures for areas of responsibility. This position is responsible for ensuring that NCDOT Infrastructure technology complies with State standards as well as incorporates industry best practice in order to meet business needs. This position will interact with other Infrastructure staff, Development, Security and Project Management staff to provide project representation and planning for ongoing IT projects and initiatives. This position will also work with personnel from other Infrastructure areas such as Networking, Operations, Database Support, NC ITS, and Client Services to aid in problem resolution.  This position is responsible for ensuring that the Infrastructure Team remains an active participant in the Change and Release processes.  Candidate must have the ability to organize priorities to balance scheduled tasks with incident/service request workload. Ability to communicate effectively and interact with customers as well as IT management to assess risk and provide mitigation actions. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills; the ability to communicate technical issues to both technical and non-technical persons; the ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with clients, stakeholders and diverse/varied functional users; the ability to engender an air of 'teamwork' among team members, clients, users, and peers; extensive work experience in storage area network management and virtualization technologies. Advanced understanding of IT best practices bringing technology and quantified business needs into one appropriate IT solution. Operational experience with networking standards, materials, tools, and terminology.  Operational experience with various database technologies as well. Extensive security conscious experience managing solutions in a network segmented data center environment.  
Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
• Advanced operation level experience configuring and maintaining the Optimal IdM product Required 7 Years
• Strong scripting knowledge in MS Power Shell to aid in the management of this environment as well as other general Windows management functions Required 7 Years
• Excellent Windows Active Directory experience Required 7 Years
• Operational experience with various operating systems in both a physical and virtual environments. Required 7 Years
• Managing the deployment of N-Tier applications in data centers with network segmented environment. Required 7 Years

Question 1 Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI management in advance, and contact information must be provided to CAI so that the resource can be reached during his or her absence. The Client has the right to dismiss the resource if he or she does not return to work by the agreed upon date. Do you accept this requirement?
Question 2 All work must be completed on site. Do you accept this requirement?
Question 3 Candidate must be able to attend an interview in person. Do you accept this requirement?
Question 4 Please list candidate's email address HERE that will be used when submitting E-RTR.
Question 5 Please indicate how soon this candidate is available to start work. Vendors are encouraged to submit candidates that are available for the duration of the assignment.
Question 6 Vendor must disclose to the agency if the candidate will be subcontracted at the time of submission. Do you accept this requirement?
Question 7 Vendor must notify the agency if any portion of the requirements listed in this task order are to be outsourced to other countries. Do you accept this requirement?
Question 9 Please note – that if your candidate is selected for hire, the Iran Divestment Act Certification form must be completed and uploaded to the Compliance tab as a part of the onboarding process. This form must be received within a timely manner (expectation 1 business day). Without this form, the Purchase Order cannot be generated and your candidate cannot begin work. Do you accept this requirement?