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Ref No.: 16-01633
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Client: GaSRTA
Location: Atlanta,GA
Duration: 7+ Months
Submission Deadline: 11/18/2016

Job Description:

Under limited supervision, provides technical assistance to computer users and assumes responsibility for support and administration of the software/hardware in an entetprise level multi-server environment. Generates implements, maintains and monitors one or more of the following: operating systems, Internet/lntranet, document management systems, network data communications, telecommunication systems, repoffing management systems or other systems-level software packages. Provides order requisition function for software/hardware requests and technical assistance to computer users and vendors. Assists vendors and other technical support personnel in troubleshooting problems with the system. Follows up on all work activities and proactively conducts issue resolution. Assists in developing and maintaining change, issue, and problem management procedures and documentation. Analyzes problems and/or requests submitted by users and assesses priorities. Provides assistance and/or secondary support to Systems Administrator 3 functions,

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:
  1. Generates, implements and maintains operating systems and/or software, document management, or network data communications packages used on enterprise level multiuser distributed server environment, (Performed by all incumbents)
l. Researches and documents operating systems parameters according to established practices and procedures.
  1. Installs and thoroughly tests systems modifications to properly integrate with other components.
  2. Promptly identifies and corrects problems found in system software according to established practices and procedures.

4. Coordinates installation and maintenance of on-line communications equipment with other technical suppolt personnel to assure maximum network throughput and minimum downtime.
  1. Performs administration functions on all servers and telecommunication equipment.
(Performed by all incumbents)
l. Performs scheduled maintenance activities according to documented procedures, 2. Maintains servers and telecommunication equipment installing patches and updates,
  1. Installs and thoroughly tests operating system level program updates and patches according to established practices and procedures.
  2. Thoroughly documents operating systems and equipment configurations.
  1. Provides technical assistance to persons designing and implementing enterprise server hardware/software systems such as operating/document management/data communications systems. (Performed by all incumbents)
l. Assists server users in resolving program problems in a timely manner by offering appropriate technical advice.
  1. Conducts and/or atTanges vendor-conducted formal/informal training sessions for computer users in methods of interfacing programs with various systems as needed.

  2. Communicates with setver users on an as needed basis to assist in their coinputer processing needs.
  3. Develops guidelines for the use of various systetn products and systems programs and distributes to appropriate personnel.
  1. Assists enterprise server operations, and support personnel as well as vendor hardware/software specialists in isolating and resolving hardware and software problems, (Performed by all incumbents)
    1. Communicates regularly with operations management, support personnel and vendor personnel to anticipate problems and/or needs.
    2. Conducts and/or arranges vendor- conducted formal/informal systems hardware/software training sessions for server operations personnel in a timely
  1. Gives telephone and on-site assistance on hardware/software problems (i .e., configuration and/or physical location of hardware) as they occur.
  2. Promptly researches, documents and reports hardware/software failures to the appropriate technical support person or vendor representative using established procedures.
  3. Conducts root cause analysis in problem determination.
S. Manages agency asset management plan for applications and software including inventory maintenance and life cyclc plans. (Performed by all incumbents)
l. Develops plans and documentation for computer/telecommunications inventory
  1. Conducts site survey for invent01Y applications and software and other newvork computing equipment,
  2. Maintains accurate and timely records of applications, software and software licenses.
  3. Assures that software is utilized according to licensure agreements.
  4. Develops or pat-ticipates in the development of efficient upgrade and refresh plans/strategies and submits necessary background and budget information to support these plans/strategies according to established standards and procedures.
  5. Prepares purchasing requests for all hardware/software deliveries.
  6. Completes associated tasks and assignments in a timely manner and in accordance with applicable policies, procedures, rules, standards, guidelines, etc.
  7. Evaluates and makes recommendations to enterprise server hardware and/or software systems. (Performed by all incumbents)
l. Maintains awareness of relevant server hardware/sofftrare developments.
  1. Researches alternative hardware/software plans and makes recommendations to the supervisor to meet the needs of server.
  2. Assists in the development of hardware/software plans to meet the needs of the server user.
  1. Administers and maintains information security processes and activities. (Performed by all incumbents)

t. Applies IT security standards, best practices, architecture, and systems to ensure the information systems security of the operation across the enterprise.
  1. Proposes improvements and assists in the implementation of information security policies, procedures, standards, and strategies.
  2. Conducts vulnerability/threat analysis and prepares security assessments and status reports on enterprise security matters. Escalates issues as necessary.
  3. Investigates basic information security issues. Assists in security audits. Inspects security logs to uncover possible security violations (e.g., break-ins, unauthorized activity). Performs system backups needed for evidence gathering.
5, Conducts security administration activities, such as access control and password Inaintenance.
  1. Assists in business impact analysis to ensure resources are adequately protected with proper security measures.
  2. Assists in the development of information security awareness information and training.
  1. Develops or participates in the establishment of standards and procedures to be used in the development of systems and the management of information, (Performed by all incumbents)
l. Participates in the development of procedures such as nam ing conventions, information management, transactions definitions, general specification definition, programming standards, testing procedures, and customer training according to established standards and guidelines.
  1. Maintains documentation of project standards and methodologies in established standard format.
  2. Applies established development standards and methodologies consistently and correctly.

4, Participates in the development of detailed quality assurance plans to ensure systems function correctly, meet all business requirements and are in compliance with federal/state/business laws and regulations.
  1. In a backup and support capacity, develops and maintains enterprise Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans. (Performed by all incumbents)
    1. Gathers business requirements and process documentation for use in developing disaster recovery' plans.
    2. Tests plans to ensure systems are operational according to documented plans.
    3. Monitors disaster recovery contracts and service level agreements
    4. Provides information regarding training offered by the organization.
    5. Trains suppolt personnel in each office for first-line user assistance.
  2. In primary support capacity, installs and supports desktops, network operating systems and telecomnlunications equipment and systems for assigned areas. (Performed by all incumbents)
    1. Contacts each user within assigned areas or as required to adequately provide services.
    2. Takes initiative to identi$' potential problems and resolves problems to restore service to users in a timely and efficient mannere

    3. Designs new or modifies existing configurations to meet users' needs.
    4. Ensures computer/telecommunications operations and equipment are in compliance with applicable policies, procedures and rules.
5, Installs and configures work stations/printers/software/telephone systems and all network components according to agency specifications.
  1. Schedules installation at customer site in a timely manner.
  2. Monitors performance of desktop, telecommunications and network components. 8. Coordinates the utilization of existing equipment to optimize efficient and effective
9, Installs hardware and software upgrades according to established specifications,
1 0, Installs predetermined and customized configurations to meet business requirements,
  1. Writes and tests installation instructions for configuration on networks.
12, Works with providers of vendor supported systems such as VolP to resolve issues.
  1. Participates in evaluation of new technologies or solutions to improve service and efficiency of systems. (Performed by all incumbents)
    • Patticipates in research and stays abreast of technological advances suitable for addressing the systems requirements of customers.
    • Assists staff members in evaluating current and future directions of systems by applying knowledge, concepts and ideas gained from participation in meeting and committees.
    • Applies technical knowledge to best the customers business needs and requirements.
  2. Provides network system access. (Performed by all incumbents)
    • Sets up accounts for new employees and closes accounts when no longer necessary.
    • Increases account capacity when existing blocks are insufficient for work requirements.
  3. Establishes port connections for all new equipment to the network as needed.
  4. Sets up print queues and resolves network problems in accordance with established guidelines.
  5. Limits user access to specific areas according to user needs.
  6. Maintains a consistent, high quality, customer-focused orientation when conducting business and providing services or products to clients, the general public and other external customers, (Performed by all incumbents)
    • Treats customers with respect, courtesy and tact; listens to customer and interacts with customer as a person while maintaining business relationship.
    • Communicates with customers and obtains all required information necessary to determine and address their specific needs; tactfully explains why, if service cannot be provided.
    • Provides clear, accurate information; explains procedures or materials or provides supplemental information; anticipates problems and questions.
14, Interacts with upper levels of management and submits status reports, budget information, recommendations and problem alerts. (Performed by all incumbents)
  1. Discusses support requirements and submits appropriate recommendations which best meet these requirements.
  2. Develops efficient upgrade plans/strategies and submits necessary background and budget information to support these plans/strategics according to established standards and procedures.
  3. Conducts meetings with vendors and/or management to exchange relevant information; makes effective and knowledgeable suggestions pertaining to direction that should be followed in the support and upgrade of assigned systems.
  4. Makes appropriate recommendations on staff changes including promotions, transfers, salary advances and organizational changes to assist management with adequate staffing to accomplish established goals.
  5. Confers with other members of the division and department to resolve problems quickly and to assure proper and efficient utilization of systems.
  6. Prepares long range plans for the system and support groups and develops goals and objectives which best meet expected needs.
15. Maintains a high level of technical skill by attending and completing various seminars and training courses and reading appropriate literature. Communicates this knowledge to others as required. (Performed by all incumbents)
l . Plans appropriate personal training needs with supervisor in a timely manner.
  1. Attends and completes training plan courses and selninars according to established schedule and availability of courses.
  2. Reads and reviews appropriate professional periodicals and technical manuals to maintain current professional/technical knowledge.
  3. Thoroughly trains less experienced employees in various tasks/procedures as directcd by management.
  4. Communicates information in a clear and understandable manner.

16, Maintains knowledge of current trends and developments in the field by reading appropriate books, journals and other literature and attending related seminars, conferences and the like, Applies pertinent new knowledge to job. (Performed by all incumbents)
l. Attends internal and external educational programs and professional meeting as available for continuing professional education.
  1. Attends regular meetings of any available and applicable professional organizations.
  2. Reads and evaluates professional literature on a continual basis, translates complex or technical information into a format that can be understood by others, and distributes as needed.
4, Incorporates knowledge of pertinent new trends and developments into section policies and procedures and makes recommendations for any related organizational changes.
5. Demonstrates thorough knowledge of applicable rules and regulations by providing accurate information and technical assistance to unit personnel representative, employees and managers.
17, Other duties as assigned by management (Performed by all incumbents)

Minimum Qualifications:
Associate degree AND five years experience providing software/hat•dware suppolt to an enterprise level multi-user computer network including experience provisioning and administering network components, telecommunications components, servers and operating systems environments. Or a Bachelor's degree in computer applications, computer technology or a closely related area AND three years experience providing software/hardware suppolt to an enterprise level multi-user computer network including experience provisioning and administering network components, telecommunications components, servers and operating systems environments. Documented strong systematic problem solving skills are a must.

Background Verification (Suppliers shall use Info Cubic (IC) for background verifications.)
Standard Background Verification
(Required for all new proposals)
Initial background verifications must contain:
1- Patriot Act/OFAC/BXA/Terrorist list Search
Any additional requirements stated by the Agency on the requisition
  (Suppliers Only)
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The completed Background Verification will be attached (via an automated feed) to the candidates user profile under the Attachments Section.
Please make sure to always include the applicable proposal ID, contract ID, or requisition ID in the reference field when ordering.  It is also very important to double check that the name on the order being requested matches the candidate's name in the Covendis system.  Otherwise, the completed report will not be successfully uploaded to the candidates profile.

Additional Background Verification Services
To be completed upon candidate selection:
1- State Criminal Record verification (past 7 years covering each State in which the candidate has resided)
1- Social Security Number Verification
1- Federal Criminal Records Verification (past 7 years)
  Education Verification   Yes  
  Employment Verification   Yes  
  Drug Screening
  MVR   Yes  
  (Suppliers Only)
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  Instructions (If Applicable)
The completed Background Verification will be attached (via an automated feed) to the candidates user profile under the Attachments Section.
Please make sure to always include the applicable proposal ID, contract ID, or requisition ID in the reference field when ordering.  It is also very important to double check that the name on the order being requested matches the candidate's name in the Covendis system.  Otherwise, the completed report will not be successfully uploaded to the candidates profile.

Agency Certification(s)
Please read and understand the following statement carefully: I understand that a person who enters into an agreement in restraint of trade or in restraint of free and open competition in any transaction with the state may, upon conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years pursuant to OCGA 16-10-22. I further agree that when there is a prior agreement or understanding between a vendor and a state agency or state employee regarding the acceptance of any offer, such conduct is collusive, fraudulent and in restraint of trade and in restraint of free and open competition on the part of both the vendor and the state agency or state employee.  
  Do you agree with the above statement? Agree I