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N/A - System Analyst - DHA - Utah
Ref No.: 16-01518
Location: Salt Lake, Utah
Agency: Heritage and Arts: State Library
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Budgeted Duration: November 2016
Positions available (1)
Duration: 6 Months
Rate: Open

Job Description:
Overview of Need:

Technical Business Analyst
Heritage and Arts seeks a Technical Business Analyst to assist State Library in troubleshooting and repairing an existing integration between FRID software BarTender RFID tag commissioning software by Seagull Scientific and MS Excel using VBA.
The Blind Library Program at the Utah State library utilizes BarTender RFID tag commissioning software by Seagull Scientific in conjunction with an Excel VBA system that was created by a business analyst hired to develop the automation system in the warehouse.  The Excel system was designed to import a .csv file containing the book information from the KLAS circulation system.  The information is prepped in the Excel system and then is imported into the BarTender software, where the RFID chip is encoded and human readable information is printed onto the surface of the tag.  The tag is then adhered to the book, and the FRID chip is read by the automation to both check out and check in the book from the patron. 
The library recently upgraded the computers used to commission FRID tags to Office 10.  The BarTender software was also upgraded so that it would work with Office 10.  The software upgrade negatively affected the Excel tag commissioning system.  The book information will no longer encode into the FRID chip, even though the human readable information is still printing on the surface of the tag.  The library is unable to pinpoint why the RFID chip cannot be encoded, and does not have the expertise necessary to repair of rewrite the original programming contained in the Excel system. 
The FRID system is fully enmeshed with the KLAS circulation system and without a functioning FRID tag generating system, the staff must manually check out/in the untagged books to patrons.  The untagged books must also be isolated from the rest of the collection, as the books without FRID chips cannot be scanned to a permanent shelf location.  The manual checking in and out materials is time consuming and ineffective.   
  1. Analyze existing system to understand the interface and technical requirements for restoring functionality.
  2. Modify the VBA programming to restore the FRID encoding functionality. 
Skill set requirements:
  • Completed a minimum of 10 project using Excel VBA
  • Completed a minimum of 3 project using FRID technology
Please include with your bid – a valid RTR (Right to Represent), the resource's resume and a completed Minimum Requirements Scoring sheet.    
  • Bid window is scheduled to close on Friday, October 28thth @ 3:00PM (Utah Time)
  • Manager will have resumes to review on Monday the 31st.   
  • Resource will be required to pass the SOUT Criminal background. (Onboarding process)
  • There isn't a max rate set but this is a small project budgeted at 2,000.00
  • Resources that are sponsored will be considered. (H1B visa)
  • Vendors it is helpful to have you enter brief comments on your resource.  Proactive answers that a manager might ask after reviewing a resume.  Hint: Current situation (Availability) and interest in position
(Example for comments section)
-Available:John Doe is local and can start within one week of and extended offer.
-Interested: He wants to work on this project since he did the same thing with the state of TN.
Manager is very motivated to review resumes and interview Nov 1-3 and have the selected resource start as soon as possible.