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Business Systems Analyst V
Ref No.: 14-01388
Location: Denver, Colorado
Dept. of Human Services
Denver, CO
8 months

The Office of Early Childhood, Race to the Top Grant Team is seeking these resources both for immediate development needs, as well as potential long-term supports to be periodically utilized throughout the implementation and into the maintenance of the system development.
These positions would need, at a minimum, to be involved in the system design and implementation throughout 2014 and into system operation and reporting in July 2015.
These positions will work with the following known efforts:
Integration between the Quality Rating and Improvement System(QRIS) and the Professional Development Information System(PDIS), including the integration of TRAILS and QRIS and that data passed through QRIS to PDIS.
Integration between the Child Care Licensing and QRIS.
Office wide data system need and planning, with immediate anticipated projects such as Early Intervention, and anticipated future projects out of either Division within the Office of Early Childhood. This includes ensuring alignment with the Client larger vision for data system interoperability.
These resources will support implementation in addition to the contracted vendors providing the technology platform. The responsibilities of these roles will include the following:
Participation in Project Planning:
Participate in project launch planning to support the conversations with the contracted vendor for the Quality Rating and Improvement System.
Participate, as needed, in meetings with vendors and state representatives of other data systems required to link and communicate.
Provide technical expertise and documentation during planning meetings to support communication of grant team needs into business requirements for the vendor(s).
Systems Business Architecture Diagram and Documentation:
Gather information to define requirements for system design, data sources, data transmission, and system integration.
Develop electronic system architecture diagrams.
Document system design in context of larger Office of Early Childhood needs and alignment if Client vision for system interoperability.
Produce short summary report and presentation materials outlining system functions.
System Integration Documentation:
Work with the Client, the Department of Education, and the system vendor(s) to identify data sharing between the Quality Rating and Improvement System, the Professional Development Information System, the Client Licensing Systems, the Statewide Longitudinal Data System, SugarCRM, and data capture tools (tbd) used in the field for recording quality rating assessments.
Develop system integration diagrams and specification to support implementation planning and data synchronizing.
Functionality Gap Analysis:
Capture business requirements, rules, hierarchies, and workflows and document any gaps in functionality between current platform and system requirements. Prepare documentation to support customization of the platform to meet requirements.
Create prioritization list for system customization and functionality, including development of timelines with the vendor.
Ensure level of detail for customization is sufficient to guide timely vendor development of requirements.
Work with Client, Department of Education, and the vendors to identify and document configuration decisions (e.g. permission groups and permissions, organization hierarchy, nodes, metadata, user profiles, front facing web portal information, templates, navigation, and more).
Develop configuration workbook that documents system configuration for ongoing system management.
Ensure system implementation, user access, and data sharing are in compliance with the State of Colorado Security Standards and make recommendations on alignment with industry best practices.
Risk Analysis
Analysis of system down-time, capacity limitations, configuration limitations, and system dependencies that may pose a risk to operating for daily business.
Articulation of system interdependence and joint risk mitigation strategies.
Identification of potential system barriers to future enhancements, scalability, or limitations due to implementation design for record keeping.
QRIS Standards Document:
Collaborate with Client to define policies governing operations (user account creation and maintenance, organization creation and maintenance, administrator permission assignments, etc.
Define how requests are made, reports are generated (ad hoc vs. canned), how verification is managed, and governance needs.
Provide input to Client related to approaches, timelines, and objectives to support administrator training.
User Acceptance Testing:

Provide input on test plan objectives, scope, test scripts, problem tracking, and timelines for UAT.
Business Analyst V - Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business systems and user needs. Documents requirements, defines scope and objectives, and formulates systems to parallel overall business strategies. Requires a bachelor's degree in area of specialty and 8 years or more of equivalent experience in the field or in a related area. Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. May lead and direct the work of Contractor staff. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.
1.A Business Analyst to support the development of the State's Quality Rating and Improvement System, and related system integrations. This will required coordination between CDHS and CDE technology vendors, programmatic staff, and state IT staff in order to ensure requirements and processes are clearly and accurately recorded.