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IT Support Professional for Hardware and Software (HW/SW)
Ref No.: 14-01271
Location: Pueblo, Colorado
Dept. of Human Services/Client
Pueblo , Colorado
2 Months
This is an urgent need: First Best Candidate will be selected. Selection may occur before Submission Deadline. Please submit your Candidates ASAP.
Two proposals per company will be accepted.
Statement of Work - Tier I/II Deskside Support
The positions requested will provide specific Deskside support at Colorado Client CHIMP facility in Pueblo CO. The positions provides physical moves, physical deployment and installation of desktop and laptop microcomputers and day-to-day troubleshooting support. Duties include diagnosing and correcting hardware and software problems; assisting in routine physical deployment, configuration and installation of desktop and laptop microcomputers, printers, video displays, software products, etc.
Requires use of an automated help desk system (Computer Associates Service Desk) to track progress and resolution of reported problems.
The requested staff resources will be dedicated to a variety of Deskside support responsibilities including setting up/delivering Windows 7 computers, McAfee encryption, assisting user in the transition from Novell to windows networking, basic troubleshooting and ticket resolution, and support of existing and more experienced state deskside staff during the high priority and high volume period of computer refresh/Win7 rollout.
The temporary positions include Tier 2 support duties as well as responding Deskside support tickets. Due to the importance and high visibility of this position, it is expected that a person will have at least six months to one year of experience transitioning Windows XP to Windows 7, basic technical troubleshooting skills necessary for technical assessment of application compatabilities, McAfee encryption and transfer/management of service desk tickets. Further, basic working knowledge of computer systems and software, customer service skills and experience and proficiency providing customer service/support in a secure/hospital environment is a preferred qualification.

The requested temporary staff resources will be required specifically to assist in the conversion of workstation from Novell to windows networking.
Additional Conditions:
As a condition of employment the candidate may be required to submit to additional background checks and/or screenings during the course of employment with Client including facility/hospitial specfic.
Cyber Security
Contract staff are required to observe the Colorado Cyber Security Policies, as published and updated by the Office of Information Security. These policies provide guidelines concerning vendor security controls and vendor reporting and monitoring. Please reference Policy P-CCSP-005 concerning vendor management.

Type Qualification Description Competency Experience Required
Skills Active Directory Novice No
Skills Communication skills u verbal and written Yes
Skills McAfee Proficient 6 mths - 1 yr No
Skills MicrosoftOffice Proficient Yes
Skills Windows 9x/2000/XP/NT/Vista/7 Proficient 6 mths - 1 yr No
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