Previous Job
Drools Developer
Ref No.: 14-01109
Location: St paul, Minnesota
St. Paul, Minnesota 
2 years +

Required Skills (to be scored as pass/fail)
1. Have 3 years of experience in Unix/Linux, as well the various other system software (i.e. WAS, WPS,
WESB). In addition, he/she must have the required minimum experience in JAVA and WebSphere
products (see below).
Required minimum qualifications:
• Analysis and Object Oriented Design Minimum 5 years
• Business Rules Development Minimum 4 years
• Java Minimum 3 years
• IBM Application Server Minimum 3 years
• Oracle Minimum 3 years
• ESB/Web Services Minimum 3 years
Desired Skills
Subject to the Requests for Offers evaluation process, points will be scored based on the following criteria as
• Experience completing similar deliverables: Understand and existing business rules within Drools
• Demonstrable experience/knowledge of Medicaid/Medicare Provider Enrollment provisions, or
experience in similar screening applications or business rules driven projects.
• Experience with Medicaid program, including claims payments and provider billing
• Experience with government systems
• Demonstrable experience/knowledge creating Business Object Models for Rules.
• Demonstrable experience/knowledge using/leveraging, rate algorithms, creating Business Object
Models for Rules
• Demonstrable experience/knowledge in languages and tools, to include: JAVA (J2EE), JavaScript,
HTML, WebSphere Application Server, JSF, Spring and Hibernate, RAD 7 through 8.5.
• Exceed in the minimum levels of experience in any of the required skills
Project Requirements
• Understand and existing business rules within Drools.
• Download/upload code updates from/to the federal repository (CALT and/or GitHub).
• Assist to develop the Java application code and integrate to business rules and specifications
• Assist in the identification and correction of software defects and inefficiencies.
• Assist to deploy code (EAR files) to the WebSphere environment(s).
• Produce and run test scripts to ensure deployments are working.
• Work with testers and subject matter experts to identify code and deployment issues.
• Utilize log entries to identify problems areas.
• Identify and recommend specific business rules and decision table changes to MN-Client staff.
• Download/upload code updates from/to the MN-Client code repository (SVN – Subversion).
• Produce system documentation and conduct knowledge transfer for MN-Client staff.
Responsibilities Expected of the Selected Vendor
• Work with the Technical Architects and Leads to gain a comprehensive and up to date
understanding of the software application developed by open source community.
• Review the JAVA code and Drools business rules currently within the Minnesota Provider Screening
Enrollment (MPSE) application, documenting and converting them into human readable form (using
the DSL and DRL language) and incorporate them into the MPSE application.
• Ensure the MPSE application is configured properly and deployments are correctly done.
  • Work with Business Analysts (BA's), testers, and subject matter experts (SME's) to identify and recommend specific code (rules) changes
  • Work in collaboration with MN.IT Services @ Client application development staff to enhance the application's maintainability, efficiency, user experience, and resolving of identified issues (bug fixes) and recommend changes as per business requirements.