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Computer Specialist
Ref No.: 14-01030
Location: St. Goldsboro, North Carolina
Department of the Air Force
St. Goldsboro, NC 
1000 hours (Normally, 20 hours will be worked per week during the hours of 0730-1630)

Non-Personal services in support of U.S. Air Force voluntary off-duty education program to include providing computer technology support and assistance
  • Provide hardware and software system administration on all government owned computers (approximately 80),  servers, fax machines, satellite receivers, switches, routers, printers, overhead projectors (approximately 16), SMART boards (approximately 16) and other peripherals critical to proper function of Seymour Johnson AFB education and training technology systems.
  • Provide maintenance to maintain classroom equipment in working order to include   replacement and return of print cartridges, provide printers with paper, and maintain SMART board focus.  Troubleshoot and report problems with computers, overhead projectors, SMART boards. Take corrective action where feasible. Report any repairs that cannot be accomplished locally to the Education Services Officer and support warranty equipment by working through vendor(s).  Keep records on cartridge and paper usage and report replacement needs to Education Services Officer.   
  • Implement any new systems (software/hardware) and peripherals (overhead projectors, SMART boards) as required by the Education Services Officer.  Set up new computers and other information systems in a timely manner to support gradual improvement of the education and training facility. Maintain software license agreements.
  • Provide all networking architecture recommendations and networking support to improve education and training network as directed by the Education Services Officer. Provide reports statistics as required.
  • Establish procedures for safe guarding all critical data.  Design back-up methodology to ensure Education & Training Office service to customers.
  • Develop tracking system to (including all required documentation) monitor all information systems.  Establish diagram of facility with associated database to track fixes and implementation of information systems.
  • Provide for safe migration of important data from one system to another.  Install and maintain education and training databases.  Conduct upgrades to database and provide training to designated personnel. 
  • Provide recommendations to director of the facility for future planning and improvements to existing information systems structure. 
  • Assist director in research and purchase of all information/security systems and components required to improve existing structure.
  • Provide for proper information security on all systems.  Maintain security updates on all education and training owned computer systems.  Educate personnel on proper security procedures to protect sensitive data and records.
  • Train instructors on use of classroom equipment and provide written instructions as needed. 
  • Perform any other critical systems support as requested by the Education Services Officer for successful operation of the education and training section.
  • Complete/support monthly, quarterly, and yearly inventory of equipment located in the education and training offices and other areas as required. Ensure inventory is updated and all tracking stickers are affixed.
  • Maintain and update equipment database as required by the Education Services Officer. Prepare and assist with turn-in of outdated equipment.
  • Provide general customer service support upon request to include providing or re-setting user log-ins.
  • Support testing program and initiatives while following applicable security directives. Assist testing operations as required (e.g. troubleshoot software/hardware/FTP glitches, UPS malfunction).  Ensure current E-tests are available for administration by monitoring AFIADL web site updates.  Keep abreast of changes or downloads required by checking web site weekly.   Maintain a log with annotated dates of all uploads.  Uploads will be accomplished within 2 working days of posting unless otherwise directed on web site.
  1. A proven 2 – 5 years' experience in both hardware and software application support being utilized by the education center. 
  2. A Bachelor degree in a computer related field is desirable. 
  3. Excellent customer service skills and verbal communication skills are essential. 
  4. Knowledge of/experience with Air Force computer/network security regulations is mandatory.
  5. Appropriate related professional work, education background or certification is preferred. 
  6. Must be able to install and operate multi-media software using stand-alone or networked computers. 
  7. Must be able to troubleshoot software problems. 
  8. Must have knowledge of Air Technology Network (ATN) equipment for use in Satellite training sessions.  
Important Information required:
  • Detailed resume, biography, or curriculum vitae (CV) of candidate,
  • Salary Information.