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Business Analyst 2
Ref No.: 14-00973
Location: Austin, Texas
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Austin, TX
4 Months approx
720 Hours

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) requires the services of one Project Manager, hereafter referred to as Worker(s), who meets the general qualifications of ITSAC Business Analyst 2 Category, Core Technology Type and the specifications outlined in this document for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)
                Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) requires a Business Analyst to provide TPWD team members technical assistance with development of functional requirements and to identify and possibly evaluate potential software solutions to meet the needs and requirements for the State Parks Division's Business System (SPBS).  The  hosted service will, in accordance with industry standard security and accounting practices, provide system users with the ability to setup and manage facilities; setup and manage customer data; create and modify reservations through multiple sales channels, including public web access for the general public;  manage the setup, collection and accounting of fees and revenue; setup entrance ticket types and manage and track daily entry into parks; setup and manage the sale and use of park passes; manage activities availability, sale and use; manage retail inventory and sales; manage equipment rentals; manage hotel services (folio); and manage food service operations.  Single or multiple software solutions may be selected to meet TPWD's needs.
The consultant will be responsible to the project manager and be required to work with a TPWD cross divisional team to identify, understand and analyze customer-centered requirements and to research, analyze and evaluate if there are available software packages to meet these needs and determine interfacing capabilities if multiple software packages are used so that the resulting RFO will be realistic relative to what is currently available with minimal customization in the market.
TPWD's general requirements include software functionality to provide:
·         Facility inventory management
·         Park admissions
·         Annual pass sales and administration
·         Customer use capture and reporting
·         System data analysis to include needed business intelligence
·         Secure Internet reservations and payment processing
·         Facility reservations and management
·         Reservation Waiting List management
·         Group reservations and management
·         Call center/customer response management
·         Site-specific activities participation
·         Retail sales–central and site-specific store management
·         Equipment rentals management
·         Foodservice management
·         Hospitality management
·         Contract /franchise fee management
·         Differential and seasonal fees and charges
·         Back office/applications management
·         Financial accounting management and reporting
·         General reporting
·         Secure asset driven user functions
            Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
  Demonstrable verbal and written communication skills
  Demonstrable listening skills
4 Developing business requirements for software solutions to meet TPWD's customer's needs in an environment where customer participation is voluntary and vital to the agency's success.
4 Developing business requirements for software solutions to meet internal facing business needs.
4 Working with server, internet, and software application solutions to business needs.
4 Managing team dynamics.
4 Planning and setting goals, work independently, exercising creativity and performing a variety of complex tasks.
4 Preparing and documenting functional and technical specifications
4 Knowledge of various system configurations and platforms to assist TPWD in developing requirements that can be met by existing marketplace solutions.
  Ability to develop in-depth knowledge of State Parks products and services and user needs.
  Ability to analyze and understand the current TxParks system to identify the strengths and weaknesses and impact on business needs and customer experiences.
  Ability to understand the confines of Government accounting, fiscal management, risk management and auditing requirements to include use pay and revenue recognition. 
  Ability to understand the government procurement processes.
  Ability to understand the relationship between telecommunications and the interface required with software and hardware systems.
  Ability to assist TPWD team with development and Request for Information and/or Proposals documents
Years Skills/Experience
2 Experience identifying software solutions and/or developing business requirements in the recreation or hospitality industries
2 Experience with various recreation or hospitality industry system configurations and platforms to assist TPWD in developing requirements that can be met by existing marketplace solutions.