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Administrative Support Services (Reader) for an Associate Who is Vis
Ref No.: 14-00895
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
General Services Administration
Washington , District of Columbia
1,664 hours per year with a 12-month Base Period of Performance and two 12-month Option Periods


The purpose of this position is to provide accurate, clear and concise reading services of handwritten and printed materials and clerical services to an associate who is visually impaired. The work involves performing a variety of clerical processes in support of an associate who is visually impaired. The work consists of a range of simple to complex contractual actions. The contractor personnel will provide services on a one-to-one basis. Materials to be read often range from simple to comprehensive documents, correspondence, drafts, charts, graphs, financial statements, which may be in print or handwritten form, and may vary in print quality. The contractor shall furnish the necessary personnel, management and supervision to ensure administrative support for QTFAAA. The contractor's personnel will perform a variety of administrative support tasks utilizing Government furnished supplies and equipment


Read a variety of handwritten and printed documents pertaining to the evaluation of offers and contract administration, and the overall support of ITS' mission.
Describe and explain various forms, graphs, tables, charts, and other documents in the contract file, both in digital or paper formats.
Maintain the necessary files, records and controls, primarily in electronic format, to ensure access to desired information.
Perform related duties such as accompanying a visually-impaired associate to training sessions, both at Government site or off-site locations. Offsite training location(s) will be determined at least three
workdays in advance and the contractor shall be notified of such as necessary.
Technical Proficiency in the English language at a level necessary to read and comprehend professional and technical documents related to acquisition or procurement for an associate who is visually
Proficiency in office applications, including, but not limited to Microsoft Office 2010 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and web-based e-mail applications (Google mail).
Ability to quickly acquire familiarity with the Government contract documentation and system terminology in order to efficiently support the work activities of an associate who is visually impaired.
Proficiency with rules of grammar to clearly and coherently express the information being reviewed and/or read.
Ability to type at least 40 words per minute.
Knowledge of document preparation and formatting (including fonts)
Knowledge of clerical steps in processing documents, filing for easy access, and retrieval of information (attention to detail).
Skill in reading handwritten and printed material rapidly, clearly, with proper pronunciation and enunciation.
Skill in describing handwritten and print materials such as charts, graphs, tables, financial statements, and bar graphs to an associate who is visually impaired.

Important Information required:
  • Detailed resume, biography, or curriculum vitae (CV) of candidate,
  • Salary Information.