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Developer 1
Ref No.: 14-00732
Location: Austin, Texas
Texas Health and Human Services
Austin, TX
6 Months

960 hours

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) requires the services of one Developer, hereafter referred to as Worker(s), who meets the general qualifications of ITSAC Developer 1 Category, Core Technology Type and the specifications outlined in this document for the Texas Health and Human Services (HHSC) Information Technology (IT).

All work products resulting from the project shall be considered "works made for hire and are the property of the HHSC. HHSC may include pre-selection requirements that potential Vendors (and their Workers) submit to and satisfy criminal background checks as authorized by the Texas law. HHSC will pay no fees for interviews or discussions, which occur during the process of selecting a Worker(s).

Texas has undertaken a new campaign called the Balancing Incentive Program, also known as BIP. BIP is a grant derived from the Affordable Care Act, which created the Balancing Incentive Program. This campaign involves both programmatic and automation changes and is a Texas Health and Human Services enterprise effort. It has been structured as a series of IT initiatives and business program operational projects designed to bring about the following system rebalancing goals:

No Wrong Door/ Single entry Point system statewide coordinated system that provides information on available services, how to apply for services, referrals, determinations of financial and functional eligibility or assistance with assessment for financial and functional eligibility.

Core Standardized Assessment Instrument(s) standardized assessment instruments used in a uniform manner throughout the state to determine eligibility, identify service and support needs, and inform care plan development. Assessment instruments must address activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living; medical conditions/diagnoses, cognitive functioning/memory, and behavior concerns.

Conflict Free Case Management separation of case management and eligibility determination from service provision (e.g., through administrative separation of services and enhanced state oversight).

By October 1, 2015, Texas must demonstrate/achieve a 50% or > benchmark of Medicaid community-based Long-term Services and Support expenditures through the above mentioned goals/changes. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services data, Texas spends 46.9% on community-based long-term services and supports.

Texas is now positioned to bring about certain structural system changes in both IT and business areas for achieving the goals of the BIP program.

To meet BIP goals the Texas Health and Human Services Commission will need assistance in designing various web pages and will require the services of a web designer who will:

Design layout for content areas, options, navigation, labels/questions, icons, and controls for (Needs to compliment the redesign on
Develop graphics and other content used in
Assist HHSC staff in monitoring and giving design feedback into the development of a design style guide for by an outside company.
Attend meetings discussing and meetings related to a usability study that will be conducted by an outside company. (The usability study will include creation of a style guide and review of other agency consumer-facing websites.)
Provide design for complimentary projects as time allows.

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
4 Graphic arts (graduated from an accredited four-year college or university with major coursework in communication design, fine arts, graphics design, or related field)
5 Web design
5 Cascading style sheets (CSS v3) and HTML v5
Attach requested information on separate page. Noted clearly on a separate page attached to their resume, the applicant must provide links to:
- 5 or more customer-facing websites they designed.
- 3 or more projects that are not websites, but that show graphic design work
- The applicant must explain their level of involvement role and responsibilities for each website and non-website projects.

Years Skills/Experience
5 User Experience Design
5 Understands how to design materials for people with low-literacy and low-computer usage skills.
5 JavaScript
5 Possess hands on knowledge of electronic and information resources (EIR) Accessibility, required technical specifications (i.e. US Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0), and tools used to code / validate for EIR Accessibility. Implements EIR accessibility during coding, develops test cases, and tests developed code for compliance to EIR Accessibility technical specifications.
5 Experience with Web Content Management tools, such as Drupal and IBM Web Content Management (WCM).