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Administrative Support Assistant
Ref No.: 14-00586
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Department of Health and Human Services
Atlanta, GA
1 year


The purpose of this Statement of Work is to describe the work of a contract Administrative Support Assistant for ESHCO. The Contractor will serve as an Administrative Support Assistant, working under the Principal Management Official. This is a critical position to assist ESHCO in a records management project and overall administrative tasks.
The overall objectives for the contract Administrative Support Assistant are to:
Provide support for Records Management Activities in the office.
Provide support ESHCO staff for the arrival of international visitors.
Scheduling presentations and the use of ESGH(O training facilities.
Monitor the Safety Help Desk and triage queries on a daily basis.

The Required Results of the contract Administrative Support Assistant are to:
Assist in archiving and destruction of ESHCO records as required by federal regulations.
Provide high-level administrative support for the ESHCO Director.
Coordinate Safety Help Desk responses to meet ESHCO Quality Performance Goals

Operating Constraints include
No telework.
Work hours are 7:30AM -4:00PM with flexibility to start as late as 8:30AM and work until 5:00PM.
Task flexibility, given the new and formative nature of ESHCO's Records Management Program.
Requirements to conduct occasional local travel to other CDC facilities within the metro Atlanta area, with no more than 4 trips per month, up to a maximum of 80 miles total per month.


The Scope of Work is to provide one (1) individual to provide records management and administrative support. ESCHO is implementing a records management project to manage and store a diverse series of records, from medical to regulatory compliance records. The incumbent will assist the office in ensuring that the newly-formed program meets its goals as the office determines which records need to be archived at a Federal Records Center and which records need to be shredded upon approval for destruction. The incumbent will serve as direct administrative support the ESHCO director, including records management and consolidation, as well as general administrative support. The latter includes a variety of general duties, from scheduling and note-taking at meetings. Also included is monitoring the Safety Help Desk to triage queries and coordinate responses by the Office.

  • Serve as an assistant to the Director and Deputy Director, Environment, Safety, and Health Compliance Office (ESHCO).
  • Take minutes of meetings including team lead meetings and Occupational Safety and Health Meetings. After approval of minutes, post the minutes to the ESHCO Share point site.
  • Maintains the current ESHQ2af1 action tracking list and list of actions from assignment to closeout.
  • Consolidate records for ESHCO Director and teams as requested.
  • Following CDC Records Management guidance, documents disposal of any records. Shreds records that have been approved for destruction.
  • Prepare SF1350's for CDC Records being sent to the federal record centers.
  • Independently handle complex and routine inquiries and coordinate responses with the Office safety teams to those queries via the Safety Help Desk within four (4) business hours. The incumbent will not be responsible for the safety content. The incumbent will have support from senior technical staff member.
  • Demonstrate a high level of knowledge related to the overall goals and programs of ESHCO and the duties and commitments of the Director.
  • Effectively network to accomplish tasks and display a high degree of professionalism.
  • Exercises a high degree of tact, courtesy, cooperation and diplomacy in dealing with people within and outside of CDC.
  • Work closely with the Director's senior staff on scheduling, travel, and events to ensure requirements are met in a timely manner and provide assistance and clarification to complete tasks and support the mission.
  • Recommend programmatic and operational processes and procedural changes that will improve the areas administrative support.
  • Make copies, and schedule meetings, and performs routine administrative tasks.
  • Provide regular monthly reports on activities.
  • Must be familiar with the federal records management and administrative support.
Important Information required:

  • Detailed resume, biography, or curriculum vitae (CV)of each candidate,
  • Letter of commitment from each candidate.
  • Salary Information.