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Subject Matter Experts (Financial Data Analyst )
Ref No.: 14-00452
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Department of the Air Force
San Antonio, Texas
1 year

Requirements. The Contractor shall provide subject matter experts in financial management for non-personal services as a Logistic Financial Data Analyst at San Antonio, Texas Department of Defense Military Treatment Facilities (MTF). The Contractor shall perform services and support compatible with the medical facility's operating capacity and equipment.

Specific Tasks. The Contractor shall perform financial analysis tasks in support of the medical facility to include:

1. Reconcile relational data from multiple systems: Commanders' Resource Integration System (CRIS), Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF), Automated Business Services System (ABSS), Electronic Document Access (EDA), Electronic Data Management/Electronic File Room (EFR), and Integrated Accounts Payable System (IAPS)). Data extracted must be validated daily for accuracy and completeness and refined into a format for specific individual analyses or summary reports.

2. Complete all data collection. Edit and input functions/analysis to verify against any modifications.

3. Reconcile contract database against Budget Execution Report (BER) data weekly and at the end of each month provide findings to local Resource Management Office (RMO) staff.

4. Identify excess funds or over-execution by commodity, specifically within each Fund Cite Authorization (FCA), Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), and Contract Line Item Number where potential surplus funding may be de-obligated and reapplied within the current execution year and/or to provide informative data to aid in preventing unauthorized commitments and/or ratification actions In Accordance With (IAW) Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 1.602-3 (Paragraph b-d) ( "Ratification of unauthorized commitments ) due to exceeding available/awarded hours.
4.1. Validate all necessary documentation, data, analysis and approvals IAW available excess funds and compile into a de-obligations package for routing, approval and submission to local contracting squadron (502nd Contracting Squadron).
4.2. Track and monitor de-obligations package and modification status internally and externally through modification completion and report status of all in scope packages (Prior Fiscal Year and Current Fiscal Year) monthly to MTF RMO staff for Wing Resources Committee meeting.

5. Assist organizational staff with data mining and analysis of the Operating Budget Ledger and the Open Document Listing, and reconciliation of data extrapolated from the automated tool, and subsequent identification of current and prior year funds available to de-obligate.

6. Review and update data and identify methods of improving business processes within the end-user organization.

7. Provide and maintain contract database system, at both production and training locations for the users of system. Database must have capacity to house and maintain all contracts, BPAs, Miscellaneous Obligation Reimbursement Documents per contract services requirements, and to account for all contract financial actions to identify each contract employee IAW submitted invoices of the individual employee as it relates to the awarded contract.

8. Retrieve commodity specific data from current systems.

9. Provide an open line of communication to the database system's architect to report possible upgrade opportunities, report requests for standard and canned reports, or enhancements.
10. Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for data mining, analysis, and reporting to produce unliquidated obligation (de-obligation) packages meeting all local base contracting requirements. SOPs revised periodically based on MTF and base contracting process changes.

11. Create day-to-day monitoring process of each open document contract line item invoice and payment voucher to result in up to date recording and reconciliation of transactions daily.

12. Standardized Quality Control (QC) process established a problem/resolution notification course of action; real-time plans resulted in eliminating potential ratification/Obligation Adjustment Reporting (OARs) actions of each Contract Line Item Number (CLINs).

13. Create Contract Management Reconciliation Workbook (RECON), (a multi-faceted Excel Workbook with seven balance points for multi-system extracted data to validate ULO submission) for cradle-to-grave contract data management and de-obligation package submission; must be able to validate all elements required to complete contract modification.

14. Work with MTF contract and resource managers, utilizing enhanced data mining, analysis, research, reconciliation, and validation methods of multiple systems, e.g., ABSS, CRIS, WAWF, EDA, EFR, IAPS, RECON and Whiteboard databases (Excel workbook to capture De-obligation package statuses).

15. Establish snapshot of metrics, dashboards, issues, package flow/status and expected de-obligation values.

16. Ensure accuracy against Funding Line of Accounting, CLIN information, Selective Transaction History, Open Document List, IAPS CLIN & Invoice and voucher reports, RECON balances, Document totals and De-obligation potential.

17. Database establishes stringent data control process using customized business rules to evaluate 100% of data source accuracy, errors, cross-reference values, identify and tracks the implementation of corrective actions.

18. Database will provide real-time warning system (traffic lights) informs MTF contract managers of data generated warnings, excess funds, over-execution, shortfalls, and invoice discrepancies.

19. RECON Workbook database established to simplify the capture, balance, and issue identification of any and all contractual, financial, and time related questions in one easy to read, understood and simple database format.

20. Whiteboard utilized as critical business process step as the repository to capture, monitor, track ULOs and Negative CLINs, generate reports, feed dashboards and metrics.

21. Database must be able to provide update the financial status of a contract that can be verifiable through sound accounting practices.

Special Qualifications.

1. Must have contract and financial management as a core competency to provide a trained staff.

2. Must have a clear understanding of Department of Defense (DoD) accounting systems e.g. ABSS, CRIS, WAWF, EDA, EFR, IAPS and be able to communicate effectively on the various systems.
3. Must have knowledge and experience dealing with analysis of Defense Health Program (DHP) appropriation and accounting processes, contract management, and fund cite authorizations, BPAs, contract reconciliation, fund types, and data quality.

4. Perform comprehensive Quality Control (QC) measures routinely and as needed of all generated data and numerical analyses used to support recommendations and findings.

5. Must have knowledge and understanding of the customer organizational structure, financial execution, and general accounting issues to resolve issues identified by contract and/or financial processes.

6. Must have knowledge in preparing oral and written presentations (analyses) to include necessary coordination to provide the results of financial analyses to leaders at all levels of the organization, to include the activity's executive committee.