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System Analyst
Ref No.: 13-01182
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Department of Health and Human Services
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12 + Months
Possibility of Extension - Yes

Notes to recruiters (please do not publish this text in job postings):
This position performs duties almost entirely onsite at SCDHHS. In the past year or so, SCDHHS has had numerous problems with candidates claiming that they were willing to commute, only to have them quit within the first year due to commuting costs or excessive time away from home. SCDHHS strongly prefers candidates living within driving distance of Columbia or who are willing to relocate to the area (at their own expense). If the selected candidate quits early, it will reflect on the vendor and may impact SCDHHS' consideration of future candidates from that vendor. Please make sure that your candidates are willing to work full-time in Columbia.
If a candidate has numerous previous positions of 18 months or less, the candidate's resume should be clear as to why this has occurred. Having had multiple short engagements is not inherently bad; however, given the high demand for healthcare experts at this time, SCDHHS will be concerned about any candidate who has had problems remaining employed/engaged for extended periods (poor work habits, poor interpersonal skills, very narrow expertise, etc.).
IV&V is largely about analysis and communication. As such, this position requires excellent communications and leadership skills including effective oral and written communication. If a vendor finds it necessary to substantially revise a candidate's resume or add additional or clarifying information at the top of the candidate's resume, then the candidate will likely not be a good fit.


The IV&V project performs verification and validation activities for the Replacement MMIS and program for SCDHHS. The IV&V Technical Analyst will work with a team of 2-3 individuals charged with providing crucial project evaluation information to decision makers.

The Member Management project is among the most complex IT projects taken on by the State's Department of Health and Human Services. This project is a multi-year effort to replace the State's aging Medicaid eligibility and enrollment systems with modern technologies and supporting business operations.

The IV&V Technical Analyst is responsible for verification and validation of technical, testing, and other quality management processes and artifacts for the Member Management project for SCDHHS. Duties include:
Perform an independent review of project technical processes and artifacts for accuracy, completeness, and conformance to standards.
Perform an independent review of project quality management and testing processes and artifacts for accuracy, completeness, conformance to standards, and their success in identifying defects.
Perform an independent review of testing results and reports, and verify that defect repairs have had their intended effects.
Act as an expert technical advisor for project best practices.
Serve as a technical advisor to the IV&V Project Manager.
Identify areas of project risk and make recommendations on managing and mitigating these risks.
Document results of reviews and analyses promptly and with superb accuracy and impartiality.
Attend project meetings to maintain a high level awareness of project status and trends.
Other related duties, as assigned.

10+ years of software engineering, quality management, or testing experience
3+ years of large project experience (projects exceeding 50,000 hours of effort and 2+ years duration)
Strong understanding of modern software architectures as well as incremental, iterative, and agile development life-cycles
Healthcare insurance experience with a strong understanding of insurance concepts
Ability to see big concepts while also understanding the details behind those concepts
Ability to effectively communicate to executive management, line management, technical management, and team members.
Superb written and oral communications skills, including the ability to give presentations to executive management. Strong proficiency in English is required
Solid understanding of legal and regulatory principles

General Medicaid experience, particularly in eligibility and enrollment or Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS)
IV&V experience
Public sector experience
Supervisory experience
Familiarity with:
State Medicaid Manual
Medicaid IT Architecture (MITA)
Medicaid Enterprise Certification Toolkit (MECT)
US Code and Code of Federal Regulations concerning Medicaid
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Bachelor's degree, preferably in a technical field. Master's degree is desirable

None required. Technical and/or project management certifications from recognized sources are desirable (e.g., ITIL).
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EducationCollege DegreeYes1
EducationMaster's DegreeNo1
EducationMedicaid Management Information System (MMIS) experienceNo1
MMIS - Medicaid Management Informaiton SystemHealthcare Insurance OperationsYes1AdvancedWithin 2 Years2 - 4 Years
Program ManagementAgile/Scrum MethodologyYes1ExpertWithin 6 Months4 - 6 Years
SpecialtiesQuality AssuranceYes1ExpertCurrently Using4 - 6 Years