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Contingent Labor - System Software Programmer
Ref No.: 13-01066
Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Health & Environmental Control Department
Columbia SC
8 Months
Possibility of Extension : Yes
Interviews :
One initial round of phone interviews will be scheduled for the top 3 to 5 candidates after the close of the posting date. If no candidate is selected a second round of interviews will be conducted. Initially, obviously unqualified candidates will be disqualified, with reason stated, on the initial review. Possible candidates, even ones that are not interviewed, will not be disqualified until an offer is made and accepted. All interviews will be done by the internal project manager.

The contractor will work closely with the First Sound Program Manager and the PHSIS Statistical Consultant to identify and prioritize workload and scheduling. They will also work closely in a technical capacity with technical and program area staff in various areas to complete this project. The technical skills required for this position are outlined in the Beeline System. The position will be utilized between 37.5 and 40 hours per week for the duration of this project. Prior experience with Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Level 7 (HL-7), Birthdata Exchange Engine (BEE) and newborn hearing screening data systems, while not required, will be weighted heavily. This project will further enhance the current BEE First Sound module by continuing development on the tracking and early intervention components and modifying existing functions.

The contractor will be responsible for coding, documenting and testing of the various components of BEE First Sound module. All code will be written in C#, ASP.NET and Javascript. All code will be properly documented using designated documentation standards. All data will be housed in a SQL Server database.

The main emphasis of this position will be to integrate the final components into the First Sound data module so that the system can track the complete early hearing detection and intervention process.
The position will require extensive liaison with the Information Technology staff within the agency, the PHSIS Statistical Consultant and the First Sound data analyst.
This scope of work consists of the following tasks:

Task I: Coding, documenting and testing of the tracking and early intervention components.

Task II: Coding, documenting and testing of modifications to the existing hospital, audiology and administrative components, including but not limited to comprehensive data audit trails and GIS functions.
Task III: Develop MyFish Calculator web application

Task IV: Environmental Pubic Health Tracking (EPHT) dynamic portal maintenance and updates

Task V: SCAN redesign to include response design for mobile devices

Task VI: Fix SCAN community profile module

Task VII: Minor fix to SCAN population module

Task VIII: Complete Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

General Information:

DHEC will require that selected personnel sign the DHEC confidentially agreement and/or Business Associate (BA) agreement if applicable. All web services must be secure.
DHEC will not accept any offers including an up-lift charge. The rate paid per consultant must not exceed the maximum rate established for this position described in the State contract terms.
Contractors must be available to DHEC during each week throughout the term of the contract.
A weekly review between the contractors and DHEC to ensure the expectations of this agreement are met.
The data will reside in SQL Server where all appropriate indexes will be built.
Full documentation of the entire application and source code will be provided to DHEC along with an appropriate amount of time to train our staff to maintain and troubleshoot this application.
All source code (compiled and un-compiled) will become the sole property of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Any source code, data, product, or functionality resulting from this SOW or previously owned/developed by DHEC will remain the sole property of DHEC and is not to be incorporated into the core product of any vendor's application. Any modifications and interfaces developed under said contract will be not be used by the contractor for any independent project of the contractor or published or publicized by the contractor without written permission of DHEC.
Application should be browser neutral and work on at least Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher, current version of Firefox/Mozilla, and be compatible with workstations running Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, or Windows 7 without having the .NET framework installed.
All functionality from the most recently developed SCAN module must be incorporated into this module.
DHEC has the final say on all programming language choices.

Deliverables by Contractor:

Presentation of BETA version of BRFSS module. Beta will include:
o Screen design of all user interfaces viewable using a browser (if different options
are being considered then all should be presented).
o All Output format layout with sample data viewable using a browser.
A fully functional BRFSS data query template that allows the users to select any options provided.
o This will be accessible by DHEC staff and housed on the consultants server until
it is reviewed for completeness and preliminary accuracy.
o All datasets will have to be loaded, indexed, optimized and formatted properly in SQL Server.
o All appropriate dynamic database driven information must be displayed onscreen.
o Admin interface that allows entry and maintenance of all database driven definitions, examples, and links.
Install the application and configure it to work on a DHEC test server with all required output formats.
o Ensure compatibility with existing programs
o Provide assistance and full documentation for the installation of all associated module components, and any other necessary aspects.
o User ability to generate interactive maps and tables.
Complete documentation and Quality Assurance / Quality Control
o Documentation for all code must be submitted after this application has been installed on a
DHEC server. This document should be comprehensive and allow DHEC to add additional years of data, GIS layers, and/or variables as they become available as well as troubleshoot
and maintain this application.
o This application should be tested extensively by the consultants to ensure the output results are correct.
Install the application on the DHEC Production Web Server
o Review application and all functionality
o DHEC will also have to be provided with 5 working days to test the results of this installed production application against existing data sources via SAS and other methods to ensure accuracy. A 45 day technical support period, after the completion date of this contract, is desirable and will be negotiated with the selected consultant.
Knowledge transfer
o Provide DHEC staff with details pertinent to the maintenance of the module.
o DHEC staff should be trained and have a very complete understanding of all the code associated with this application.
o DHEC must be provided all uncompiled source code in a format that allows for future modifications.

DHEC Support:
DHEC will provide:
All required statistical information including formulas, data, and mechanisms to check statistical output.
Staff to assist with any application or data questions.
Conference rooms and scheduling for any application demos.
Staging and Production Servers and adequate remote access.

1. C#
4. SQL SERVER 2008
5. SQL
10. VISUAL STUDIO 2008/2010
11. NET FRAMEWORK 3.5/4.0

1. HL 7
Last Used
Database Platforms MS SQL Server 2008 Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Development Tools SQL Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Packaged Applications Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 2 - 4 Years
Packaged Applications ARCGIS No 1 Advanced Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Programming Languages ASP.NET Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Programming Languages C# Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Programming Languages JQUERY Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Programming Languages Visual Studio Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Programming Languages HL-7 No 1
Software Framwork .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5/4.0 Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Web Tools AJAX Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Web Tools ESRI ARCGIS JAVASCRIPT AP Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 2 - 4 Years
Web Tools ESRI ARCSDE Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 2 - 4 Years
Additional Skills: Experience with HL7, though not required, is preferred.