Previous Job
Contingent Labor - System Software Programmer
Ref No.: 13-01014
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Department of Health and Human Services
12 Months
Columbia SC

Senior Java Developer - Sample Website URL's of contractor work experience must be included in the resume.

The Replacement Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) project is one of the largest IT projects for the State of South Carolina. It is a multi-year effort to replace the Stat aging MMIS and related applications with more modern capabilities along with corresponding business operations services.

Role Summary/Purpose
The senior Java development professional will be responsible for developing the design and software for the back end processes to support the provider application as well as integration for the replacement MMIS system. This solution will be based upon the Spring Web MVC control functionality using EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) Web Services and using Java Script Object notation (JSON). Additionally, This solution will use an ORACLE ESB and will be positioned in a JBOS framework with object relational mapping using HIBERNATE.

This position requires knowledge and experience with these environments as well as experience in detailed requirements analysis, software design and development, testing, and deployment. Creation of the associated artifacts and the communication skills to clearly articulate the goal of the development and the tradeoffs for solution selection are critically important. We are looking for candidates with a broad set of technology skills to be able to design and build robust solutions on a pioneering Medicaid engagement which includes scaling component solutions and operational data stores.

In this role, you will support the Replacement MMIS Project manager for Back end provider application design and development which will include requirements for screening and validation for provider applications. Implementation of business rules guiding the provider interactions with agency policies (such as periodic revalidation of provider credentials) and responses to queries for any data regarding the provider actions form a limited number of sources. Implementation of security layers for protection of the provider and member PHI is also a feature that must be defined and implemented as a part of this back end processing. The responsibilities will also include developing design and development artifacts, including Design flows, detailed user interfaces and coding/ development using Java; Java Script and HTML 5 and the other enabling technologies listed as required skills below.

Essential Responsibilities
Support Replacement MMIS project Manager and development leads with Development and integration of a robust Provider management development and integration ;
Ensure that component planning/activities are aligned with the Integration Strategy;
Work with the Team and project manager on implementing the associated requirements;
Collaborate with Project Managers, Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts on the provider and integration component requirements of the Replacement MMIS Initiative
Collaborate with SCDHHS agency staff and vendors on the implementation requirements of the provider integration for the Replacement MMIS .
Basic Qualifications:

Experience in one or more of the following -
WEB / HTML programming skills
Experience with SOA / Web Services lifecycle (design, build, test, deploy)
Experience with web API lifecycle (design, build, test, deploy)
Experience with web API Management approach, tools and concepts
Experience with web API or SOA / Web Service Strategy
Experience with API vendors
Experience with JAVA/ JAVA Script
Experience with SPRING MVC control functionality
Experience with CSS3; HTML5;
Experience with JSON; SVN and JBOSS / JBOSS Hibernate functionality
Experience with JQUERY
Seven or more years in a development role using these skills
Understanding of Web Service development
Understanding of UNIX and Windows OS scripting environments
Knowledge of cloud platforms / environments / AP
Exposure to in Agile Methodologies or SCRUM preferred
Skill in production infrastructure environments
Familiar with popular Java frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Struts
Demonstrable competence in programming and shell scripting.
Heavy experience in integration of these components as well as large scale integration activities including control and management of changes
Bachelo Degree

Required Knowledge / Skills:
Experience with high-performance, open source web technologies
Experience in developing web application for heavy volume sites
Experience with open source databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle)
Knowledge of networking protocols, including TCP/IP, HTTP, NTP, DN
Release management experience
Experience with multi-business unit integrations
Experience with workflow management systems
Operations experience with heavy traffic multisite deployment
Experience with prototyping in a sand box environment and using to quantify the design and approach prior to finalization
Experience working in a highly collaborative environment ensuring solution meets the needs of a diverse and broad audience

7+ years industry experience, with at least 6 plus years of Web related experience, preferably with a track record for managing production of heavy traffic, consumer-facing websites.

Preferred Skills:
Prior experience working in areas of emerging technology and driving new points of view and capabilities.
Experience with defining and creating highly functional design and coding in a fast paced evolving environment.
Experience in robust development ensuring low defect products and the ability to articulate the design and implementation details in a way that is clearly understandable across a wide range of personnel with differing backgrounds and levels.
Solid testing and validation skills and understanding of simulated data
Prior experience in development methodologies (waterfall, agile, etc), enterprise planning, and estimation
Experience delivering end-to-end solutions
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Technical Science

Professional Skills:\
Strong communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills
Self-starter, with a keen interest in technology and highly motivated towards success
Must show initiative and desire to learn business and technology subjects
Able to work independently and provide updates to management
Strong analytical and problem solving capabilities
Excellent problem solving skills; proven teamwork and communication skills
Demonstrated teamwork and collaboration in a professional setting
Last Used
Cloud cloud platforms / environments Yes 1 Intermediate Currently Using < 1 Year
Database Platforms mysql Yes 1 Advanced Within 5 Years 1 - 2 Years
Operating Systems/APIs UNIX No 4 Lead Within 5 Years < 1 Year
Operating Systems/APIs Windows No 4 Intermediate Within 5 Years < 1 Year
Packaged Applications Oracle Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Program Management Agile/Scrum Methodology No 1 Intermediate Within 6 Months 1 - 2 Years
Programming Languages API Management approach Yes 1 Intermediate Within 6 Months 1 - 2 Years
Programming Languages CSS3 Yes 1 Intermediate Within 2 Years 2 - 4 Years
Programming Languages HTML Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 6 + Years
Programming Languages Java Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 6 + Years
Programming Languages JavaScript Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 6 + Years
Programming Languages JQUERY Yes 1 Intermediate Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Programming Languages JSON Yes 1 Intermediate Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Programming Languages MSSQL Yes 1 Intermediate Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Programming Languages OpenSource Yes 1 Intermediate Within 2 Years 2 - 4 Years
Programming Languages prototyping Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 4 - 6 Years
Protocols HTTP Yes 1 Expert Currently Using 6 + Years
Protocols NTP Yes 1 Entry Within 2 Years 1 - 2 Years
Protocols TCP/IP Yes 1 Intermediate Within 5 Years 4 - 6 Years
Software Framwork Hibernate Yes 1 Advanced Within 6 Months 2 - 4 Years
Software Framwork MS MVC Framework Yes 1 Advanced Within 6 Months 2 - 4 Years
Software Framwork Spring Yes 1 Advanced Within 6 Months 2 - 4 Years
Web Tools Web - application programming interface (API) Yes 1 Advanced Currently Using 6 + Years