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Behavior Health RN
Ref No.: 18-00753
Location: Waukesha, Virgin Islands
Contract Length: 12 weeks
Primary Location: Waukesha Memorial Hospital
Shift Requirements: night shift and day shift 72 hours per pay period
  • Orientation Start 3/29
  • Week 1 schedule Sun/Days, Mon/Noc, Wed/Days, Fri/Noc, Sat/Noc
  • Week 2 schedule Sun/ Noc Wed/Noc, Fri/days, Sat/ days
  • Shift start and end times: 0700-1530 and 2300-0730
Float Requirements (campuses and/or units): Med/surg units
Weekend Rotation Requirements: Every weekend. Alternating weekends of night shift and day shift
Holiday Rotation Requirements: holiday rotation
ALL Required Licenses and Certifications: CPR, RN License
Minimum Experience (yrs in specialty): Prefer at least 1 year
Desired Specific Skillset for an ideal candidate: Behavioral Health Experience, medical/surgical background
Unit Overview: 11 # of Beds/Labs, Yes- Ancillary support, etc.
Current Patient Ratio: 1 RN to 5-6 patients if unit is full
Primary Case/Procedure Types: Medication passing, cares, documentation, mileau management, 1:1 time with patients, managing agitated patients, CNA oversight
Scrub Colors required: Any

Observed Holidays: New Year's Day-Memorial Day-Independence Day-Labor Day-Thanksgiving-Christmas Day
  • Holiday Guidelines: Eligible travelers who are scheduled to work on the actual day of the Holiday will be paid in accordance with the following guidelines: For the purposes of this policy, the actual Holiday is the 24-hour period based on the shift worked...if working an 8 hour shift, it is the NOC shift the night before and the AM/PM shift day of. If working a 12 hour shift, it is the NOC shift the day before and 1st shift the day of.

  • Orientation Guidelines: The hours of orientation will be provided at the expense of the agency. For travel contract, up to 8 hours unbillable hours. Total MSP will provide to the agency the logins to complete modules to be completed prior to attending orientation.