Previous Job
Non-Clinical Expediter
Ref No.: 18-00703
Location: New York City, New York
Location: 1275 York Avenue, New York City, NY 10017

Requested two contingents
Full time hours
3 out of 4 weekends
Likely 1-9 pm
But needs to be flexible (7-3 or 1-9)
Job Description:  EXPEDITOR
Performance Expectations:
  • Reviews patient meal ticket for all necessary information (i.e., name, room number, diet order, time of order); ensures that corrective action is taken (e.g., contacting Diet Office) if information is incorrect or missing.
  • Sets up patient tray neatly, according to guidelines, to include hot and cold food items and all other necessary items (e.g., silverware, china, beverage, condiments, etc.); places appropriate covers for each dish and beverage.
  • Checks assembled tray for accuracy and completeness prior to loading onto tray delivery cart.
  • Loads hot and cold tray delivery cart onto cargomaster and dispatches to unit as specified on tray ticket
  • Ensures that trays are qued and appropriately dispatched according to time printed on ticket 
  • Notifies room service associate on unit, via Telecommunication radio, that a cart has been sent to that unit.
ä   Monitors inventory of supplies (e.g., silverware, napkins, china, condiments, beverages, etc.) before and after each meal service; completes Storeroom Requisition Form as needed and submits to supervisor for approval to maintain par levels.
Ability to read, write, and understand basic instructions
High School or G.E.D.