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Application Developer - Executive Director Office - DHS - N/A - IT
Ref No.: 17-04116
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

+ It is assumed that there may be an incumbent that will bid on this posting. 
+ All work to be completed on site. Some remote work is possible, but not at first or to be negotiated.  Tell your resources that all work is to be completed on site.  
+ Any resource that meets the MMR's,  with the legal right to work in the US can be submitted.  SOUT will not sponsor visa's
+ Bids are due before 10:00 PM on Wednesday the 20th, 2017 (Utah Time) 
+ Bids MUST include the rate, resume, vendor RTR and a completed MMR.  Template is below in attachments. In order for the MSP to remain vendor neutral - If the vendor neglects to complete the MMR or is missing one of the required docs, this may result in not being forwarded to the manager for scoring. 
+ It is a best practice for the vendor to add comments on the resources availability: When can they start and Local or non-local. Interest level.  Why are they interested in this position.  How does this position compare to other opportunities they might be interested in?  

Client AEM Contractor Statement of Work

See SOW Doc in attachments below....

Scoring Criteria
30% Experience building and routing from in AEM forms processing environment using organizational structures
10% Quality of experience working with SQL server database tables
20% Quality of experience developing AEM forms in J2EE environment
10% Quality of experience of working with AEM JavaScript
30% Cost

Client AEM Contractor Statement of Work
This contract is to provide changes to an existing form and process flow in AEM. This position will require extensive knowledge of the existing form and routing processes.
Work with the Client developers to make the following changes to the existing forms and processes.
  1. On ASI and Awards, add a new level of approval called Level2Approver. This will be between the supervisor and the director approvals.  This will be for all divisions that want to add this middle level approval. Client will add the field and load it into the database employee table to identify these people. New Field called: Level2Approver char(1).  Flag indicates user is a Mid-level approver.
Supervisor – to Director becomes Supervisor – Regional Director – Director
Belone – Earnshaw - Stohl  becomes Belone – Earnshaw – Thomas – Stohl
Clarification: Request is to have multiple Directors approve request.  Prior to EDO approval.
Question: If more than one director between? They say there are no more than one.
Question: How to indicate to ASI & Award that 2 level Director Approval is needed. – flag set where?
1a. Awards ONLY - For JJS; the system needs all requests routed to a AEM group called JJSGroup for approval before it goes to the Director. People in this JJS group will probably not be in the approval chain, but will need to approve before the record moves on to the Director. – Want to hold all approvals off until end of quarter – thinking of using this as an 'Approval Committee' – they would then update the award amounts then route to director for approval.  On an Award, Will go to JJSGroup before Supervisor?
Clarification: Nomination will be entered, then Supervisor will enter placeholder amount.
                   Then "Hold” until correct amount determined. (JJS Group)
                   Then Request Change back to Supervisor with desired amount in comment.
Then Supervisor Modify and Approve again – back to JJS, then normal chain of approval
Clarification: Do not need to worry about multiple concurrent Award nominations at the system level
Question: Is this the first 'stop' in the routing? NO – no return to this group on Reject or Modify?
2. On ASI and Awards we need to change the system so that if an Award or ASI was "terminated" at any level the users can go in and enter a new Award or ASI immediately and not have to wait the 2 weeks. The 2 week wait if for in-process or processed records only.
Clarification:  Should not be too difficult.
3. On ASI, display the date and description of the last ASI the employee received and years of service. Client will add and populate three new fields on the employee table:
     years_of_service int,
     ASI_Date datetime,
     ASI_Desc varchar(80)
Dennis: To provide mock-up of form to show placement. 
4. On ASI and Awards, if anyone of the directors in EDO signs it at any point it is completed and approved. Even if they signed as the nominator, supervisor or EDO. 
Clarification:  Should not be too difficult.
5. On ASI and Awards is there a way for the out of office to work.  The issue is: right now if a supervisor designates another supervisor then that supervisor is not able to approve the forms because the nominee does not reside in the new supervisors' approval tree.  If the supervisor designates their supervisor then the form goes to that person and if they are also the division director it goes back to them for a second signature.
Clarification: Out of Office delegate 'needs' to be a 'Supervisor' level person. – Detect by person DB flag.
Question: If the Delegate approves, and the Nomination is sent back for change by the next level – does it return to the Delegate, or the 'Original' approver? –
Clarification: Would like it to go to the 'intended' approver – not the Delegate.
Question: How to determine 'role' of Delegate at form open?
Clarification: Can use form state to set expected form state – Expecting Level 2 approver, Expecting Supervisor, Etc.  Open form and allow action based on state, and not a match to expected person.
Number 5 may somewhat be tied to the solution for 1a.  1a is easy to identify the redirect from the approval chain. On 5 the redirect could be set at the AEM side.
·                     If redirected supervisor approved, they should not be the next in line as well.  Or if approver was not in chain – how to 'skip' the redirected approver
Clarification: Track approvers, and do not repeat routing if already a participant.