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Environmental Service Aide
Ref No.: 17-03550
Location: Commack, New York
**Candidates must pass the CEB assessment before being submitted. **


Environmental Service Aide

commack Road, Commack NY
HOURS: Monday through Friday (7 am to 3 pm) with rotating weekends and holidays

Performs standardized procedures for cleaning of all assigned areas within established timeframe by supervisor.
  • Follows established Environmental Services policies and procedures and guidelines relevant to the area being cleaned.¿
  • Follows bed tracking workflows when assigned to inpatient room cleaning and ensure response times are within established time frames by supervisor.•expected
  • Cleans all assigned areas (e.g. inpatient rooms, laboratories, pantries, corridors, staff bathrooms, elevators, stairs, soiled utility room, etc.) within timeframes established by supervisor. 
  • Completes daily assignments in an efficient manner utilizing for each task the appropriate and departmentally approved equipment and supplies.
  • Implements modification to cleaning procedure for specific areas (e.g. use of bleach as an additional disinfecting step) as directed by supervisor
  • Maintains equipment and supplies in a neat and orderly fashion.
  • Replaces cubicle curtains following departmental policy and procedures.
As applicable, following policy and procedures, and as directed by supervisor: Vacuums and spot-cleans carpet daily. Or
Dust mop and damp mop hard surface floor daily
Follows established hospital procedures for handling, containing and disposing of general and infectious waste. 

• Handles all waste streams following waste management procedures as reviewed in training.
• Removes trash (clear bag waste, cardboard, paper, bottles, and cans) from all assigned areas and replenish liners when applicable using the correct size and type of waste bag.
• Ensures waste bags removed have no leaks.
• Spot-checks clear bags removed for the presence of regulated medical waste (e.g. blood-soaked material) or sharp objects (e.g. needles, scalpels, scissors). Dispose of any regulated medical waste or sharp objects following waste management policy. Notifies supervisor immediately. 
• Damp wipes with germicidal solution trash receptacles inside and outside.
• Breaks up and compacts boxes daily.
• As applicable and directed by supervisor:
Transports filled trash bags and recyclable trash with
waste bin to soiled utility room. Places bags into compactors
• Notifies waste management staff or supervisor if low levels of radiation are detected by scintillator at the waste management room entrance while transporting a waste bin into the Waste Management Room.
Responsibility Detail: Maintains all surfaces and rolling equipment stock of assigned areas following recommended schedules as per policy and procedures or as requested by supervisor
Performance Expectations: 
• As applicable, performs hard surface floor care maintenance (e.g. burnishing/buffing, scrubbing and recoating, stripping and refinishing, etc.) using appropriate equipment and supplies as per training and departmental policy and procedures.
• As applicable, performs carpet care maintenance (e.g. shampooing, extraction, host, agitation, etc.) using appropriate equipment and supplies as per training and departmental policy and procedures.
• Cleans walls and ceiling in assigned areas using appropriate equipment and supplies as per training and departmental policy and procedures.
• Cleans and disinfects all rolling equipment stock in assigned areas (e.g., IV poles, stretcher beds, EKG machines, blood pressure machines, isolation carts) adhering to schedules, guidelines and procedures outlined in the Infection Control Manual and in the departmental policies and procedures. 
Responsibility Detail: Maintains a safe work environment by following safety and infection control guidelines at all times.
High School preferred (not required)
  • Follows seven step cleaning sequence of activities as applicable (i.e. high dust, damp wipe, clean bathroom, remove trash, replenish supplies, clean floors, inspect) to ensure that cleaning work results in