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Senior Full Stack Developer
Ref No.: 17-03042
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
 Senior Full Stack Developer
Work Location: St. Paul, MN
Duration: 12+ Months
Interview: Interview face-to-face and on-site only

Mandatory Qualifications:
  • Four (4) years of experience creating and implementing based on technical design
  • Four (4) years of experience working directly with domain experts to work through requirements in order to come up with optimal solutions
  • Four (4) years designing and implementing resilient backend services
  • Two (2) years of experience assisting in project's relational database schema design
  • Two (2) years of experience with database transactions
  • Two (2) years of experience with RESTful API design
  • Four (4) years of experience with Java and/or Node js
  • Two (2) years of experience with Java/Spring, similar Node js web application frameworks such as Express or server less frameworks running on AWS Lambda
  • Two (2) years of experience using programmatic database access libraries
  • Four (4) years of experience with automated unit testing frameworks
  • One (1) year of experience with Unit test mocking framework(s)
  • Four (4) years of experience with Version control system(s)
Desired Skills:
  • One (1) project in production utilizing Microservices
  • One (1) project using Java 8 Streams and Lambdas
  • One (1) project integrating with OAuth 2.0 security
  • One (1) project using a non-blocking, reactive frameworks such as Node.js, RxJava, Spring WebFlux, Vert.x, Ratpack or Akka
  • One (1) project utilizing a Message-driven architectures
  • One (1) project utilizing Eventual consistency
  • Two (2) years of experience with message brokers such as Kinesis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ or similar technologies
  • One (1) year of experience using Kafka, Kafka Schema Registry and/or Kafka Connect
  • One (1) year of experience with Data streaming technologies such as Kafka Streams, Apache Spark, Apache Beam or others
  • One (1) project using Domain-driven design
  • One (1) year of experience with NoSQL data stores such as Cassandra, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Elastic Search or similar technologies
  • One (1) project using Event Sourcing
  • One (1) project using CQRS
  • Two (2) years of experience on projects using CI/CD
  • One (1) year of experience with Git
  • One (1) project using AWS Lambda
  • One (1) year of experience with AWS EC2
  • One (1) year of experience with AWS RDS
  • One (1) project utilizing end-to-end test automation
  • One (1) project implementing and executing load tests
  • One (1) project using Swagger or other API documentation tools
  • Two (2) years working within an Agile team
Question: Describe a time when you introduced a new technology or best practice into a project. The example could be as simple as a new library or testing framework or as large as an entirely new technology stack. How did the introduction of that technology or best practice benefit the team? How was the technology introduced to the team? What were the pain points in adopting the technology or best practice? What were the lessons learned from that experience? Response to question is limited to 2 pages, single-spaced.
  • 2 Reference Required
  • Need to fill the skill matrix