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Solution Architect - ML
Ref No.: 17-06736
Location: El Segundo, CA /Dallas, TX, California
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 09/21/2017
Exp. Range: 5.0 to 20.0


Job Title: Solution Architect - Client
Location: El Segundo, CA /Dallas, TX
Job Description:
  • Resources would be reporting to Lead Architecture for direction, but also loaned out to support client on-boarding, initial assessments, demos, initial use case work
  • Self-starter personality
  • Strong communication written/verbal skills to work with people remotely, working with clients (sponsors), product managers, technical/development teams, scrum masters
  • 2-3 years previous experience in an agile/devops delivery cadence (2week sprints), code reviews, retrospectives, etc
  • Learn our internal machine learning platfor006D
  • Customer facing temperament, collaborating with Sr. level developers in a client provider role, document capture features requests for internal platform (but not BA/SA), assist with developer level documentation
  • Build relevant data science services for general purpose use and demos
  • Build quick demos for clients based on their use case
  • 1-2yrs+ Python, R
  • 1-2 yrs working with language specific Client library bundles (PyData/Anaconda/Python, R Cloud)
  • Comfortable accessing Hadoop/Hive/Spark as data scientist background, train data
  • Familiar developing chatbots, training data
  • Familiar with Notebooks (Zeppelin, Jupyter)
  • Worked with Tensorflow Ski-Learn, some NLP background (OpenNLP, StanfordNLP), intent engines
  • Comfortable with consuming data streaming from Kafka and one of the following data streaming: Spark, Storm, Beam, Flink
  • Worked with Client/AI platforms Google, H20,
  • Working knowledge of microservices best practices on Docker, comfortable with Kubernetes environment, automated unit testing methodologies