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Microbiology Technologist
Ref No.: 20-00141
Category: Biotechnology
Location: Brooklyn, New York
In this role, the successful candidate Responsible for performing and assessing complex clinical laboratory tests on specimens for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in a timely manner.

Laboratory set-up: Preparation of laboratory area, equipment and instrument for testing. Prepares and sets-up equipment, testing compounds and work area. Calibrates, conducts performance checks, records and maintains laboratory instruments and equipment according to laboratory policy. Ensures the appropriate and adequate supply of materials is available at all times. Recognizes and corrects instrument malfunction. Keeps work area neat and clean.
Specimen preparation and testing. Prepares specimens to be tested: identifies and prepares accurately, specimens which have been collected by phlebotomy team, nurses, or physicians in accordance with laboratory procedures. Clinical Testing: Performs manual and automated tests on blood and body fluids. Checks sample to ensure correct identification and matches with accompanying labels to ensure accuracy of recording and reporting results. Completes all scheduled and stat tests in a timely manner. Adheres to laboratory's safety policies; operates and troubleshoots instruments according to established procedures.
Quality Control: Monitors testing equipment, solutions and work environment by following laboratory Quality Control procedures, ensuring the overall reliability of test results. Monitors testing equipment, solutions and work environment by following laboratory quality control procedures. Cleans and calibrates testing equipment regularly. Inspect reagents, solution, and chemicals to ensure that they are of high quality and record lot numbers according to guidelines. Assure reagents are not used beyond expiration date. Run and interprets control value to ensure standardization within deviation guidelines. Attempts to troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment and report same to supervisor. Communicates with Manufacturers service department dispatch office when unable to rectify inoperable instruments. Follows manufacturers recommended preventive maintenance schedule.
Interpretation and recording of test results: Exhibits sound judgment in handling and reporting test results. Makes determination of normal and abnormal test values accurately. Reports information promptly via telephone, laboratory and or physicians. Examines prepared stained smears and demonstrates knowledge and good judgment in interpreting morphology. Reviews preliminary diagnosis and consults appropriate reference sources to assist in interpretation. Reviews abnormal cell morphology with respective supervisors. Seeks information or ask assistance from supervisor when necessary regarding difficult or questionable results; is prepared to report on results of initial investigation and discuss possible causes and solution. Decides necessity for additional testing to confirm findings.
Planning and time utilization: Efficiency in adapting to changes in order to facilitate adequate staffing and effective demonstration in identifying and acting on priorities in a timely manner. Demonstrates alertness and adaptability to changes in schedule and work conditions; responds appropriately. Recognizes and deals with priorities. Uses time effectively by completing all assign tasks in a timely manner Utilizes spare time to review stored collection of abnormal slides, textbooks, periodicals, tech samples, safety videos etc to enhance theoretical knowledge and technical skills.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Bachelor's degree in Clinical Laboratory Technology from a program registered by the NYS Department of Education or a Bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry or Physical Sciences from an accredited college or university with one year of clinical laboratory experience (completion of an internship program at a qualified institution is acceptable)
License as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist by the State of New York based on the on the Special Provision of the Regulations of the Commissioner in accordance with the Clinical Laboratory Technology Practice Act