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Laboratory Manager - Flow Cytometry
Ref No.: 20-00032
Category: Biotechnology
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Responsible for managing and coordinating technical activities, tests and operational support for multiple cost centers and/or >30 FTEs and/or broad spectrum of testing.

  • Responsibility for day-to-day supervision and/or oversight of the laboratory operation and personnel performing testing and reporting test results.
  • Formulate goals and/or recommend policy, assign objectives, and establish standards of practice.
  • Provide direct supervision of all high complexity testing and maintain contact with laboratory at all times either with on site presence or via pager.
  • Monitor testing to ensure that acceptable levels of analytic performance are maintained.
  • Check personnel to assure competence prior to test reporting
  • All aspects of Proficiency testing are properly followed, reviewed and remedial action is taken and documented following failures
  • Quality assurance and Quality Control programs are established, maintained and are effective in identifying problems.
  • Procedure manuals are available and have been reviewed annually by director, manager, supervisor or analytical specialist.
  • Responsibilities delegated from the director or technical supervisor include:
  • Assure remedial action is taken and documented whenever tests systems deviate from established performance specifications
  • Review and document proficiency testing and follow up on outliers. - Ensure that patient testing results are not reported until corrective action has been taken and the test system is functioning properly
  • Participate in the annual evaluation, competency testing and documentation for all testing personnel
  • Receive, review and prepare technical reports reflecting volume of work, procedures utilized and test results; coordinate the preparation of reports and analyses setting forth progress, adverse trends and appropriate corrective action.
  • Assist in the annual validation of the Electronic Laboratory Manual.
  • Manage the operational policies and procedures of a clinical laboratory department unit; coordinate with medical staff on issues which impact laboratory services.
  • Provide direction and support to the unit supervisors in the development and monitoring of laboratory programs to include laboratory quality control procedures, installation and maintenance of laboratory equipment and compliance with federal regulations; develop and monitor recruitment, selection, personnel orientation and development and performance appraisal programs and processes.
  • In concurrence with Senior Management, formulate short and long-range goals for the clinical laboratory unit, set priorities, assign responsibilities and establish timetables; project future needs and formulate strategies consistent with projections.
  • Determine fiscal requirements and prepare an annual budget for the unit; monitor, verify and reconcile expenditure of budget funds on a periodic basis. Prepare capital budget requests as needed.
  • Prepare activity reports reflecting volume of work, procedures utilized and output results; and analyses setting forth progress, adverse trends and appropriate recommendations or conclusions.
  • Plan and conduct meetings with other staff to ensure compliance with established practices, to implement new policies and to keep employees abreast of current changes and standards; represent the unit in interactions with other units and members of the healthcare team.
  • Responsible for recommending and executing various personnel actions including, but not limited to, hiring, performance appraisal, promotions and disciplinary actions. Monitor attendance and automated time reports.
  • Communicate in a professional and courteous manner with patients, family, and other medical personnel, as necessary.
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein or as directed by Senior Management.

  • BS Degree in Biology, Chemistry, BioChemistry, Medical Technology
  • ASCP - Medical Technology and/or Flow Cytometry Certification
  • Experience: Clinical Experience 5 plus years plus Management Experience 3+ years
  • Seven years of laboratory experience, some of which must be of a supervisory nature. Alternatively, an equivalent combination ofrelevant education and/or experience
  • Thorough working knowledge of clinical laboratory environment.