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Medical Director - Genetics
Ref No.: 19-00822
Category: Biotechnology
Location: Madera, California
The Medical Director provides medical administrative leadership to the division, working closely with his/her administrative director on;
  • quality, safety and outcomes of patient care
  • Alignment of physicians with SMG, operations, performance improvement and strategic goals;
  • Program development
  • Communication and access to care
  • Budget development and resource management
  • Professional development of the division physicians
  • Development and promotion of SMG.
The authority to act in these areas of responsibility is derived from SMG leadership, policies and procedures, regulatory standards and ultimately from the SMG Board of Directors.

Clinical Leadership and Management:
  • Coordinates care within the department to achieve sufficient physician coverage available to provide 24/7/365 medical consultation of patients and continuity of care.
  • Participates in appropriate management development programs as required by the hospital. Uses feedback from SMG Medical Director, CMO, peers and administrative colleagues to identify and improve gaps in performance.
  • Evaluates, monitors and documents the professional performance of all clinicians in the division with specific privileges.
  • Provides input regarding performance evaluation and competence of all technical and clerical staff in the division as appropriate.
  • Provides input for the development of technical and clinical procedures, as appropriate.
  • Collaborates with appropriate hospital staff in division Risk Management activities.
  • Implements and communicates the standards of care established by the organized Medical Staff. Sets performance standards for the medical staff within the division. Manages physician performance, if below standards, using relevant medical staff and hospital resources.
  • Works to achieve compliance with all SMG policies and procedures within the division; reviews hospital/division policies and procedures as appropriate and is responsible for holding division members accountable.
  • Develops, with the administrative director, goals and objectives for the division.
  • Works with the administrative director to see that the division has the equipment, resources and personnel to perform its clinical functions.
  • Works with the administrative director to achieve appropriate access to care and communication with referring physicians.
  • Participates in the development of capital and operational budgets for the division prior to submission to SMG and hospital administration.
  • Serves as a liaison between SMG and staff physicians in the division.
  • Works with SMG Medical Director, the administrative director and hospital management to achieve financial performance objectives of the division; regularly reviews the performance of the division.
Performance Improvement
  • Works with the administrative director on the design, implementation and evaluation of annual performance improvement plan for the department.
  • In collaboration with administrative director, evaluates the quality, safety and appropriateness of patient care services in the division.
  • Provides findings from division assessments to appropriate SMG committees.
  • Manages the participation of division physicians in relevant PI activities.
  • Troubleshoots/resolves patient care complaints/problems in department in collaboration with appropriate hospital management.
  • Facilitates and mediates within the division any issues between SMG members.
Program Planning and Development:
  • Participates in the strategic planning of SMG, the division and hospital.
  • Works with physician and administrative colleagues to develop and implement appropriate clinical programs, treatment protocols and treatment facilities.
  • Participates in hospital outreach activities.
  • Works with physician and administrative colleagues in defining and implementing technology.
  • Creates a supportive professional environment.
  • Maintains knowledge of and complies with state and federal health care program regulations, Joint Commission requirements, licensure and other regulatory requirements for the hospital and division and works towards compliance with same.
  • Participates in relevant accreditation procedures. 3) Participates and oversees the divisions Corporate Compliance and is responsible for the division education and accountability.
  • Maintains continuing education and professional development towards delivering the highest standards of medical practice.
  • Reviews and participates in clinical in-service education programs and works towards the delivery of quality pediatric services, as appropriate and feasible.
  • Participates in residency and post-graduate education programs, as appropriate.
  • Supports divisional faculty development and leadership development.
  • Supports pediatric-focused research to improve the care of the community's children.
  • Oversees the development and performance of research within the department, as appropriate.
  • Promotes the presentation and publication of peer-reviewed research, as appropriate.
  • Must have experience in Pediatrics, preferrably in a Hospital setting.
  • The ideal candidate would have completed an internship or fellowship in a Pediatric environment
  • Must have a MD Degree
  • Board Certificaton (ABMG)