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Cytotechnologist I
Ref No.: 17-00386
Category: Biotechnology
Location: West Hills, California
• Under general supervision, examine microscopically and interpret gynecologic and non-gynecologic slides for infectious, reactive/reparative and abnormal cells. Refer appropriate cases for hierarchical review.
• Identify problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of results. Refer to supervisor/manager and document corrective action taken.
• Document interpretation results of each specimen examined or reviewed.
• For each 24-hour period, document the total number of slides examined or reviewed in the laboratory as well as the total number of slides examined or reviewed in any other laboratory or for any other employer.
• Document the number of hours spent examining slides in each 24-hour period.
• Maintain and provide evidence of all required qualifications including ASCP, state licenses and liquid-based cytology certification, as applicable.
• Maintain familiarity with CLIA regulations, as applicable to cytology.
• Maintain specimen integrity and patient identification of all samples examined
• Enter and/or report results into the laboratory information system, as applicable.
• Maintain confidentiality of patient test results in accordance with HIPAA regulations.
• Adhere to and document required quality control activities.
• Comply with all corporate, safety, quality control and quality assurance standards.
• Comply with all local, federal, CLIA and CAP regulations
• Participate successfully in required training and competency assessment.
• Participate successfully in a CMS approved proficiency-testing program annually, as applicable.
• Acquire and document required number of continuing education hours annually.

• California Cytotechnologist License required
• Meet California state licensure requirements, and have a current license.
• Meet ASCP requirements for Cytotechnologist (if not certified prior to employment, must pass ASCP registry within one year of start date).
• Liquid-based cytology training/certification (ThinPrep and Surepath)