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Cytogenetic Technologist
Ref No.: 17-00162
Category: Biotechnology
Location: Amherst, New York
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  1. Preparation of Samples: Prepares samples for hematological FISH by creating smears, direct harvesting, and/or preparing slides from harvested cultures. Prepares samples for paraffin embedded FISH.
  2. Washing and Handling of FISH slides: Has knowledge of and follows the appropriate protocols for the washing and handling of FISH slides.
  3. Microscopic Analysis: Analyzes interphase and metaphase nuclei for abnormalities including, amplification, numerical and structural abnormalities identified by FISH.
  4. Imaging: Uses Cytovision or other capturing equipment to image and enhance the appropriate cell type and number for each case.
  5. Sterile Technique: Sterile technique and other blood-borne pathogens guidelines are observed in the preparation and handling of all samples. Responsibilities also include the proper cleaning and decontamination of all work areas.
  6. Reagents and Solutions: Prepares solutions for FISH washing procedures, VP2000 set up, slide fixation and slide preparation.
  7. Equipment: Has knowledge and develops experience with use and maintenance of the hyb units, the fume hoods, the centrifuges, the biological safety cabinets, pipette aids, the pH meter, and any other equipment that is essential for job performance.
  8. Training: Participates in all required training including Blood-borne Pathogens, Fire Safety, HIPAA refresher, Sexual Harassment training, and Chemical Hygiene, Formaldehyde on an annual basis. Additionally, an annual review of all pertinent laboratory policies and procedures will be performed.
  9. Professional Development: Attends in-services, reads professional literature, participates in continuing educational opportunities and remains abreast of developments in the fields of cytogenetics, FISH and oncology.
  10. Supplies: Assists in maintaining an adequate stock of commonly used supplies.
  11. Safety: All safety policies and procedures are followed. This includes chemical, electrical, fire, and ergonomic safety as well as blood-borne pathogen procedures.
  12. Charts and Records: Records pertinent laboratory data on the appropriate form or chart to ensure accurate and complete documentation of laboratory findings.
  13. Quality Control: Complies with quality control policies and procedures to ensure that all aspects of laboratory operation are performed in accordance with accepted standards and applicable laws for clinical laboratories.
  14. Miscellaneous: Performs other duties as specified by supervisor/director.
Additional Job Functions
  1. Protocol Development: Assists in the development of new protocols and looks for ways to improve existing protocols.
  2. Probe Validation: Assists in the collection, preparation and enumeration of validation specimens for new probes.
  3. Work Flow Evaluation: Looks for and suggests improvements in laboratory work flow to reduce costs, reduce turn around time, improve specimen quality or improve patient care.
  4. Resource: Acts as a technical resource for less experienced personnel regarding laboratory procedures.
Bachelor's degree in a life science.
Must pass a color-blindness test.
Five years experience in a FISH laboratory, preferably oncology.
ASCP certified in cytogenetics or molecular biology.
NYS certified in cytogenetics.