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Regional Sales Manager
Ref No.: 15-00616
Category: Biotechnology
Location: Denver, Colorado
The Regional Sales Manager is responsible for the market knowledge, sales development and representation of the Company to area Pathologists, Oncologists, Administrators and Leaders of Hospitals and Laboratories.
The following are representative of these duties:
Clinical knowledge: RSM must have a thorough understanding of the clinical aspects of Cancer Diagnostic testing. This includes knowledge of cancer as a disease and how cancer is treated within their local area. Also a basic understanding of cancer therapeutics and what tests are used to qualify patients for therapy.
Market knowledge: RSM must understand the business side of cancer diagnostic testing, including how different specialties (surgeons, radiation-oncology, medical-oncology, pathologists & administrators) are paid and what services the Company can offer each specialty to aid them in their respective roles. The RSM will also be a "front-line information gatherer that will reflect the needs and changes within the market back to the Company, so that it can accommodate and prepare for changes that are coming.
Physician knowledge: RSM must have solid relationships with doctors within the territory they serve and the ability to access the physician or decision maker by the means of communication that each office utilizes.
Industry protocol: RSM must follow hospital, laboratory, and industry protocols for credentialing, HIPAA compliance, and fair business practices. This means registering for RepTrax or following any hospital protocols for accessing physicians, or discussing patient cases.
Sales Acumen: RSM must be seasoned sales professional as well as a consultant. A minimum of 5 years' experience in the field is required to understand the sales cycles, buying process, contracting, billing, and product mix for each of the clinicians and non-clinical personnel being served. RSM must have a proven track record of consistent dollar and case growth within a territory.
Travel: RSM will be responsible for travel within the territory for the purposes of prospecting new clients, serving and upselling present clients, and gaining a market understanding of changes in the territory. Some territories can see upwards of 75% travel.
As the Company grows, the role of the RSM may shift to overseeing a staff of Account Executives (AE) to manage a particular geography. This leadership role will involve the training, education, and measurement of AE performance.
Industry Experts and Education: The RSM will conduct physician educations and meetings where Client tests, trends or concepts can be discussed and applied within the medical community.
Your Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree from four-year College or University.
Five plus years' experience.
Proficient in Microsoft Office.
This position requires no certification. However, many hospitals have requirements for sales to clinical staff. All RSM's must comply with each hospital requirements by registering with the affiliated vendor credentialing service.
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