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Ref No.: 18-00370
Category: Biotechnology
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Job Summary
Responsible for accessioning specimens; preparing frozen sections, assisting in gross specimen examination, preparing fixed tissue specimens and cutting, mounting and staining tissue sections for microscopic examination by a pathologist.

Essential Functions
Performs frozen section preparations within expected time while insuring tissue is embedded properly, cut accurately, and stained correctly so that diagnosis to clinician can be made promptly.
Performs routine, special stains, and immune histochemical stains.
Recognizes deviations from expected results and uses judgment in determining appropriate actions.
Assists with autopsies according to standard procedures as assigned.
Prepares and organizes tissue specimens and assists in gross examination.
Prepares specimens to be sent to other laboratories for testing insuring order accuracy and correct lab is chosen for testing.
Stores or disposes of prepared specimens, slides, and blocks in a neat retrievable manner.
Completes required daily procedures with accuracy.
Physical Requirements
Works in laboratory with exposure to chemicals, pathogens and patient blood and body fluids. Some latex exposure may be expected. Moderate lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying. Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds and on occasion greater than 25 pounds with assistance. Frequent walking, standing, stooping, and reaching. Sitting with use of computer for long periods of time.

Education, Experience and Certifications
Certification as a HT (ASCP). Certification as a HTL (ASCP), experience, attendance of training courses in special histologic techniques, and mastery of special histologic or photographic techniques preferred.