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Computer Assistant Intern
Ref No.: 20-00056
Location: Franklin, North Carolina
Position Type:Internship
Start Date: 06/08/2020
Pay Rate : $ 15.00 /Hour


This position is located on a Forest Service Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center.

Incumbent is responsible for technical support of Center computer systems and business



The incumbent assists students, peers, and subordinates in understanding the relevance of, and promotes the development of positive social skills among students through modeling appropriate behavior, positive intervention, and positively intervening and teaching appropriate employability skills for workplace success. Participates in the Center Behavioral Management System (Client) and/or the Student Code of Conduct (SCC) program as necessary to insure proper workplace conduct, appearance and behavior. Sets a positive example as a role model to students by displaying appropriate etiquette, timeliness, and dress.



Incumbent is responsible for providing technical support for the Center computer system(s) which may include but not limited to Client, IBM, Compaq, etc., and various software programs such as Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Novell, Corel WordPerfect Office Suites, and GroupWise. Incumbent is responsible for WAN and LAN security issues, user support and system maintenance; backups; troubleshooting for network connectivity; space management; submitting requests for creating/deleting/modifying of employee profiles to Forest Service and/or JC National Office; access, i.e. passwords, login verification, etc.; firewall maintenance and virus detection. Provides Center personnel with training and user support problem solution related to the areas of software, hardware and data communications.Performs project support assignments for various teams within the organization; assists with data base design, hardware/software acquisition support, imaging, cataloging, indexing, edits, and updating computer databases. Conducts research necessary to assist with creating database(s) and to ensure the most useful database for the assigned subject matter or task is utilized. Uses organizational and record keeping skills to help maintain a substantial amount of service/project information and data. Assists in the planning, scheduling, and directing the transfer of program and/or data files as required, maintaining records of programs and

data stored, and scheduling restoration/recovery from backup files when needed for problem solving in subsequent processing.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Factor 1. Knowledge Required by the Position Factor Level 1-4 550 points

Knowledge of multiple computer systems and multiple operating systems; knowledge of PC hardware, system software, utility software and varied application software. This knowledge of system processes, applications and program capabilities is used in evaluating user problems; used to establish, utilize and update databases and used to resolve user problems or relate details of problem to appropriate resource for resolution.

Knowledge of terminology, operating system software and procedures for access to servers, PCs and application software. Knowledge of programming language such as COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/1 or ALGOL.

Knowledge of desktop applications that require knowledge of client/server concepts, Microsoft windows, computer communications, and LAN server concepts.

Knowledge of and utilization of various Job Corps related databases and software in order to perform and process work assignments.

Factor 2. Supervisory Controls Factor Level 2-3 275 points

Supervisor provides direction on objectives and priorities for new work, deadlines, and deadline changes for new and established work.

Incumbent sets priorities in order to accomplish objectives. The incumbent independently researches and resolves computer operation/system problems, locates and troubleshoots problems incurred by users in accordance with instructions, previous training, and past experience. Incumbent seeks assistance and discusses only unique problems not covered by guidelines and appropriate specialist. Incumbent may deviate from instruction, as different instructions may conflict.

Completed work is usually evaluated for technical soundness, and conformity to policy and requirements. The methods used in arriving at end results are not usually reviewed in detail.

Factor 3. Guidelines Factor Level 3-3 275 points

Guidelines consist of software licensing agreements, guides, and handbooks, equipment manuals, general verbal directions, written manuals, procedures and notes, and on-line instructions and examples of previous work. The guidelines generally cover the work and operating conditions, to include operational, software, and equipment problems.

The employee exercises judgment in the selection and application of the guidelines, but the nature and priority of certain problems may require the employee to use judgment in extending guidelines and developing new techniques to solve complex problems.

Factor 4. Complexity Factor Level 4-3 150 points

This employee performs a variety of distinct functions in support of the Center for system security, maintenance, scheduling, solving processing problems, assisting users of systems.

The incumbent reviews each work requirement, decides what needs to be done, the methods to use and provides solutions based on workload, priorities, existing capabilities, system status and the specific needs of the customer.

The work involves elements that must be identified and analyzed to discern interrelationships.

Factor 5. Scope and Effect Factor Level 5-3 150 points

The work involves resolving a variety of different problems, questions or situations. Established practices or techniques are used.

The work includes responsibility for resolving hardware and software problems that affect activities throughout the Center.

Factor 6. Personal Contacts Factor Level 6-2 25 points

Students, Center staff, both in and outside of the immediate or related work units. Some contacts may be with the general public in moderately structured settings. Such contacts may include contractors representatives such as vendor repair technicians.

Factor 7. Purpose of Contacts Factor Level 7-2 50 points

The purpose of contacts is for exchanging and providing factual information, coordinating work, explaining options, clarifying instructions, resolving software problems, and providing training to new users.

Factor 8. Physical Demands Factor Level 8-1 5 points

Work is primarily sedentary, with long periods of sitting, but may require walking, bending, standing, and/or carrying of light items such as files and manuals.

Factor 9. Work Environment Factor Level 9-1 5 points

The office area is adequately lighted, heated, and ventilated.

Total Points: 1485

Point Range: 1355-1600 = Client-07