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Education and Interpretation Intern
Ref No.: 21-00165
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Position Type:Internship
Start Date: 05/16/2022
Pay Rate : $ 15.00 /Hour
Position Title Education and Interpretation Intern
NPS Unit Name Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument
Position Dates May 16, 2022
Position Description The Education and Interpretation intern position at Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument is an exciting opportunity to work at a brand-new National Park, only recently founded in 2017. In addition to contributing to the growth of the National Monument at the ground floor, the intern will also collaborate with many other sites. Given the National Park Service only owns of ½ of 1 building - the A.G. Gaston Motel - and all the other 6 sites are independently owned and managed, the intern would pitch in alongside them any other churches, museums, and other institutions that have been sharing this story with the public for many years.
The main responsibilities of the intern will be to assist with programming related to 1. The World Games, which will take place in Birmingham July 7-17, 2022 and 2. Launching our interpretive programming for the A.G. Gaston Motel. We expect a lot of media attention, and a big boost in international and domestic visitation during this time. We hope to develop engaging, cutting-edge, and meaningful educational tours and programs for the general public, which we hope to launch a month prior to the World Games. Given that the A.G. Gaston Motel is currently under renovations and is slated to be opened to the public for the very first time as part of the National Monument in Spring 2022, this is a very exciting time for the growth of our park!
The intern may have the opportunity to assist with: Website development, graphic design, social media, and marketing; Assisting in events, potentially on the weekends; Serving as a front-line interpreter; Developing and delivering interpretive programs; Podcast development; Grants and fundraising; Exhibit design and development. Overall, our intention is to help the intern develop the skills and abilities necessary to pursue a career in the National Park Service, should they desire.
Learning Goal The intern will gain experience in some or all of the following:
•               Serving as a front-line interpreter at a site affiliated with Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument. The customer service skills gained in this process are critical assets in applying for front-line park ranger positions with the National Park Service.
•               Social media expertise. As our society relies increasingly on digital media and forms of communication, the ability to create compelling, well-researched, and insightful social media posts is a critical skill for anyone interested in federal service.
•               Partnering and collaborating with diverse organizations and people. Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument is unique in that the National Park Service only owns of ½ of 1 building. The rest of the 6 sites within the park boundary remain independently owned and managed. This poses an exciting opportunity for interns to contribute to establishing and maintaining communicative, supportive, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Skills developed in this process are critical to success in any NPS position.
•               Interpretive program development. Given the A.G. Gaston Motel is slated to open to the public in Spring 2022, the HBCUI will have the opportunity to develop and deliver interpretive programs on the motel and its role in the civil rights movement.
Qualifications The ideal candidate will have experience with public speaking, delivering formal or informal educational programs, designing marketing materials for social media, conducting research, and working in collaborative environments. Additional skills may include experience conducting interviews (such as for a podcast, or oral history collection), volunteer recruitment and management, and curriculum design.
Participants must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent legal resident (green-card-holder) and currently enrolled in or graduated from an undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. degree program at an accredited institution of higher education during the summer internship.
Additional qualifications:
  • Must be currently enrolled or recent graduate of an accredited HBCU institution
  • Must be between 16 and 30years of age
  • Must be U.S. citizen, U.S. permanent resident or U.S. national
  • Must be able to pass a federal background check
  • Must be fully vaccinated
Work Environment Depending on the intern and their specific interests and skills, as well as the specific needs of the individual sites, it is possible the intern may be placed directly with one of the affiliated sites (such as 16th St. Baptist Church, St. Paul United Methodist Church, The Historic Bethel Baptist Church, or Birmingham Civil Rights Institute). Otherwise, if the intern is placed directly with the National Park Service, our offices are in the middle of downtown Birmingham on the 4th floor of a historic building. While only 3 of us currently work in the office, we have space for 8. Much of our planning and training takes place in these offices. For educational programs, these would take place at the various sites listed above, as well as in and around Kelly Ingram Park, the A.G. Gaston Motel, and the Masonic Temple Building. Interns would need to dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes on the days in which programs are delivered.

Vehicle/License Requirement A personal vehicle is not needed.
Compensation and Benefits
  • Compensation is at a rate of $15.00 per hour, 40 hours per week.
  • Mandatory attendance in the all-expense-paid Leadership & Careers Workshop
  • Make a difference in your local community and beyond
Application Instructions Interested students should apply directly to this position via the SERVE job portal at . Resumes and cover letters are required to apply. Please combine as one PDF document and upload file to the SERVE portal.
  • Use the link to apply to the selected position
  • First-time applicants must create a profile on JobDiva
  • Upload resume and cover letter as a PDF file
  • The file name should include your first and last name or initials
    • Examples: FI. Lastname-resume.pdf, Firstname Lastname resume.pdf, or Firstname L.pdf