Ref No.: 17-00874
Company/Department:Interstate Electrical Services
Location: Windsor, Connecticut
Position Type:Direct Placement
Start Date: 11/09/2017
Someone that would have anywhere from 3-9 years of estimating experience. Salary range would be from $50K - $80K depending on experience:
  • Should be electrical industry related experience. Also the electrical license is not required but preferred.
  • Individual needs to be a go getter but professional and can work with a younger up and coming Team
  • Not be afraid to put in the hours or the time
  • Can multi task and can be off and running once settled
  • NOT looking for a Lead Estimator or someone who doesn't understand the critical estimating/sales end of the role

Primary Purpose:
Prepare contract proposal estimates, including the determination of applicable
project plans and specifications.

  • Follow all company estimating procedures/standards.
  • Shall perform all estimates to the best of his/her ability.
  • Shall keep informed of the latest estimating techniques, products current
codes, ordinances and ideas in the industry.
  • Expedite all vendor submittals, review for complete accuracy and submit
for approval in booklet form.
  • Shall insure proper information to prepare estimate.
  • Insure you know the estimate due date, bid forms and provide them to
the best of ability.
  • Shall maintain open communications between all parties involved.
  • Attend estimating meetings as scheduled.
  • Attend all company training meetings that relate to job responsibilities.
  • Maintain a good client relationship.
  • Maintain a good vendor relationship.
  • Coordinate, schedule and run pre-job meetings.
  • Prepare job cost breakdown for all projects within 30 days.

Duties: Estimates
  • Insure that you have received the proper information that is pertinent to
the estimate:
  • Bid date
  • List of general contractors
  • Project location
  • Plans
  • Specifications
  • Addenda
  • Contact person for bid
  • Project schedule
  • Visit the site when necessary to acquire proper information for the
estimate. Mandatory on renovation work.
  • Obtain three (3) or more quotations for all major materials.
  • Insure that all material quantities are sufficient for estimate requirements.
  • Insure that all material meets the plans and specifications. Request a
complete itemized bill of material.
  • Prepare schedule of values with Project Manager, to meet client and
Interstate Electrical Services Accounting Department billing requirements.
  • All details on special handling, packaging, marking, price escalation, cash
discounts, taxes and exceptions taken.

Duties: Estimates, continued
  • Review the estimate with the Estimating Manager prior to quoting.
  • Attend a weekly meeting with the Estimating Manager.
  • Advise the Estimating Manager of any problems and major decisions to
be made.

Duties: Contract and Contract Documents
  • Prepare a job cost breakdown for the project and review with the Project
  • All major materials shall be purchased from the low, responsible bidder
who can meet project schedules.
  • Request twelve (12) sets of submittals from the vendor for circulation.
    • Request six (6) sets (minimum of 2) of approved submittals returned to I.E.S.
  • Complete a purchase order request form and attached the vendor purchase order with all related terms and conditions.
  • Hold the vendor purchase order in the job file awaiting a return, approved
vendor submittal from the general contractor.
  • Transmit the approved submittal to the Project Manager for his release.
  • When the contract is received from owner/general contractor, check for
correct prices, terms, accepted alternates, addenda, drawings and
specifications covered by the contact.
  • Review contract with Estimating Manager and initial routing slip.
  • Coordinate change order pricing with Estimating Manager. Major project
scope changes shall be estimated by Project Estimator.
  • Estimator to be aware of applicable State and local taxes and fees.