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Java Developer
Ref No.: 17-00718
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 09/01/2017
Java Developer
Client: Client
Location: 222 Broadway in Manhattan, NY
Contract: 18 months
Rate: $80/hr w-2
Status: GC-EAD, GC, USC
Interview process: phone to face to face
Must have: Multithreading, Java, object oriented programming and recent financial experience

Creative and innovative problem-solving skills
Solid experience in software development with Java, Python, Oracle, and Shell scripts
Solid experience of Java application in multiple threading (concurrent processing)
Good understanding of Java platform (virtual machine) for performance tuning and management
Solid hands-on experience on Linux platform
Strong experience in JDBC
Experience in creating Oracle/PL/SQL queries and Stored Procedures.

Project Description
Reporting Plant is a trading ancillary which offers support services to Clients with respect to their portfolio and fund management.
The primary aspect of this application is to offer a Reporting platform to generate and disseminate reports to Clients customized based on their fund preferences.
We are on the lookout to add a resource to our existing team who can contribute in adding further features and enhancements.
One key engagement rigor would be launching our platform on handheld devices which a key initiative we will embark upon.
There will a lot of opportunity to tackle challenges and proactively play several roles on this dynamic project.

Candidates should have
Server side application in core Java to use PL/SQL to access the data for data profiling.
At least a minimal understanding of JVM internals.
Hands-on experience of JDK7. Knowing JDK8 functional programming is a big plus.
Familiar with JUnit testing tool and various Mocking library for unit and system testing.
Familiar with Linux platform and shell commands.

Job Level Specific Duties
Can work on multiple applications and requirements.
Develops innovative and creative output based on interpretation and analysis.
Adopts a test-driven methodology and develops exhaustive test cases for fullest coverage.
Provides design and documentation at an application or function capability level.
Adheres to application standards and processes.
Acts self-driven and does not wait for receiving instructions.
Punctuality and timeliness is a must-have