Ref No.: 18-00017
Start Date: 01/25/2018
Pay Rate : $ 10.00 /Hour
Twice a Week Services:
a. Empty and clean all trash receptacles, sanitary napkin disposal units, inside and outside of buildings, install new liners/bags.

b. Pick up trash outside from around parking lot and buildings.
c. Empty and clean all cigarette receptacles.
d. All trash is to be removed to the trash compactor at the Southeast corner of the Warehouse building.
e. Clean, disinfect, and polish all drinking fountains.
f. Clean all tables, counters.
g. Clean and sanitize all fixtures, wash basins, sinks, dispensers and chrome fittings.
h. Clean all mirrors and frames with glass cleaner.
i. Clean and sanitize all showers, toilets, toilet seats, and urinals.
j. Check and refill all dispensers (towels, tissue, toilet seat covers, and hand soap).
k. Sweep and Mop all floors with disinfectant cleaner.
l. Vacuum all carpeted areas, spot clean as needed.
m. Sweep all entrance foyers to buildings A., S., & T.

2. Weekly Services:
a. Clean all glass on doors and glass bulletin boards with an appropriate glass cleaner.

b. Sweep the Warehouse floor (to be done on Thursday), clean under steel shelving.
c. Dust for cobwebs in all offices, conference rooms, eating areas, restrooms and Bldg's. A, S, T.

d. Clean all chairs in offices and conference rooms in Bldg A., S., & T. with the exception of the Auditorium in Bldg T
e. Sweep all entrances to Crew building, Shop, and Warehouse
3. Monthly Services:

a. Clean all walls, ledges and sills in all restrooms and showers.

b. Dust all doors, ledges and baseboards
c. Vacuum all drapes, dust all window coverings (blinds, etc.) & light fixtures
d. Clean all Chairs in the Auditorium in Bldg T and Crew Conference Room; this is to be done the 1st week of each month.
e. Vacuum the Right of Way Trailer
f. Clean the Fairbanks Office monthly with the applicable services listed in the previous sections of Specific Requirements for Gainesville Facilities (1. Twice a Week Services and 2. Weekly Services).
4. Quarterly Services:

a. Dust all high partition ledges and sills.

b. Dust all walls & ceilings.
c. Dust air conditioning vents and intakes.
d. Clean all windows inside and outside including screens and sills.
e. Mop Warehouse floor. DO NOT WAX
5. Additional Duties
The employee shall be responsible for keeping the janitorial closet(s) and/or supply, storage areas clean and in order at all time