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Sr. Resource Managment
Ref No.: 17-00124
Location: New York, New York
Proposal for senior Talent management help.

Seeking experienced HR and Talent Management consultant to help define, design and implement a robust global Talent Management capability within our client's Technology & Digital function. We envision this to be a 3-6 month engagement, 40 hours per week (more if the professional is able to execute as well as design).

The Technology & Digital (T&D) function is our client internally-facing IT organization, responsible for designing, developing, delivering and supporting our client internal technology capabilities for our 25,000 Firm members. The function consists of ~1200 professionals and ~500 contractors, located primarily in New York and globally.

Like many enterprise IT departments, T&D is now transforming from a traditional IT organization to one that embraces agile development, user-centric design, customer journeys, DevOps and Cloud. In addition to driving vast cultural, process and platform changes, this transformation is demanding new skills, talent and mindsets of our people, and more responsive sourcing arrangements.

Getting the right help
We are seeking the insight and critical thinking of an experienced HR professional to help us quickly "test and learn” – and then implement - tractable solutions for some very concrete challenges. In priority order, these are:
1) Portfolio staffing & capacity management
1) Review/refine our plans for moving to a "captive” staffing model in portfolios
2) Define the least-disruptive path to implement this model
¦ What are the pro's and con's of our proposed Portfolio-centered staffing model, and how can we mitigate the risks?
¦ What portfolio roles should be permanent hires / captive staff, and which should be rotations or contracted?
¦ How should we address ad hoc resourcing needs (process, tools)?
¦ How do we move to this model with the least amount of disruption?
¦ How do we keep people fresh, motivated and learning in a captive model?
¦ How do we identify and respond to skill gaps on the team?
¦ In what areas (roles, skills) are we constrained, especially across portfolios?
¦ How can we have an up-to-date view of what people are working on to ensure people are aligned with the most important work?

2) Capability building/Professional development
1) Provide T&D professionals with engaging, relevant learning opportunities so they have the skills they need to success in their role
2) Help T&D leaders define a long-range "skills roadmap” to ensure we have the skills we need both today and in the foreseeable future
¦ What skills and capacity do we have today? What's missing?
¦ What is the most engaging and effective way to build those skills and mindsets?
¦ What skills will we need in the future (3-5 years out), and how and where should we source (buy or build) that talent?

3) Talent acquisition and onboarding
1) Ensure T&D is an exceptionally attractive employment opportunity for digital talent
2) Define a process for ongoing renewal
¦ How should we adapt today's recruiting model to attract the right talent? Minimize overhead for hiring managers? Ensure we attract a consistent level of talent?
¦ How should we onboard these (often experienced) hires to get them productive, quickly?

4) Location
Objective: Define the co-location model for portfolio teams that is consistent with our organizational footprint
¦ Where is co-location essential to meet our velocity and impact goals?
¦ What is the talent market/infrastructure in each of our defined locations, and what kind of work is it best suited for?
4) External Workers (EWs)
1) Define and implement a strategy for identifying where we will contract rather than hire talent, and how we will engage with that talent
2) Strengthen and streamline the onboarding process for hiring managers
¦ How can we streamline the current EW hiring process?
¦ Who should be our strategic partners for sourcing that talent?
¦ How should we onboard and train our EWs?