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Ref No.: 18-00604
Location: Mountain View, California
Position Type:Contract
Soli is a new sensor technology that, will open up exciting interaction possibilities in future wearables, internet-of-things, smart environments, automotive and other applications, where traditional interfaces like touchscreens and buttons have fundamental limitations. The technology is comprised of a highly-integrated and miniature radar chip coupled with state-of-the-art signal processing and machine learning that, together, make possible revolutionary new user experiences.

Soli attracted significant worldwide attention and interest from the community, press, and commercial partners when the project was publicly announced at our client I/O 2015. We are now bringing it to real world applications and devices.

Welcome to Project Soli -
Project Soli announcement at our client I/O 2016 -
Project Soli in a Smartwatch - client-soli-smart-watch-radar-[specific client team]-io-2016

Project Soli is seeking software engineers with experience working with device driver or other low level software on consumer electronic devices. As part of the Project Soli team, you will develop device drivers to communicate with the radar sensor and develop hardware abstraction layers and system services that will integrate the sensor data into the high level operating system. You will also be asked to identify and correct bottlenecks in the efficient processing (both in terms of computational complexity and power consumption) of the radar sensor data. You will help develop the Project Soli software architecture to production scale.

3 Key Daily Responsibilities:
-Develop device driver software for low level communication with the Soli sensor. This includes but is not limited to Linux kernel device drivers.
-Develop operating system-specific middleware to integrate Soli sensor data with the high level operating system.
-Profile and analyze the radar processing software pipeline to identify processing bottlenecks.
Optimize sensor data processing pipeline.

Minimum Qualifications:
-BS or Master's degree in Computer Science or similar technical degree
-Experience with C, C++
-4+ years experience with software design and development
-2+ years experience developing software for resource constrained systems such as smartphones or similar consumer electronic devices
-Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively

Nice to Have:
Experience with Linux kernel development
Experience with Android system software