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Test Technician II
Ref No.: 18-00015
Location: South San Francisco, California
Position Type:Contract
Test Technician II
Location: South San Francisco, CA
Hours: 8a-5p M-F

As a Testing Technician, you will be responsible for the operation of complex tools and processes in an R&D laboratory environment creating and developing hardware devices. Applying skills and experience, you will be 1) an advanced-level operator of equipment associated with optical inspection, and 2) designing and building novel optical inspection systems. Experience with optical measurement machines (OMM), related imaging software, and an associated program language(s) are required for this role. Familiarity with DSLR based photography is also preferred. This position will be held in a cleanroom environment with a gowning protocol. Collaboration with a cross-functional team of engineers to identify and differentiate defects, scaling-up the collection and storage of digital images, and reporting analysis to project teams is the overarching theme of this position.

• Defining, selecting, and assembling hardware and software components to build custom optical inspection systems 
• Advanced-level operation of inspection tools, including optical microscopes, optical profilometers, confocal microscopes, etc. 
• Supporting lead engineers by performing inspection of new components, substrates, and/or materials 
• Independent analysis of images to characterize and quantify defect types and densities 
• Maintain operation and throughput of product on an inspection line 

Top three daily responsibilities 
• Creating novel based imaging systems and programming/operating optical measurement machines. 
• Operating an inspection system to collect optical based images and assess the quality and yield of microfabricated parts and assembled products. 
• Perform other, non optical based measurements to test functionality of microfabricated parts and assembled products. 

Minimum qualifications 
• BS degree in related field or equivalent experience 
• Hands on experience and strong background in designing and building optical imaging systems 
• HIgh level experience with programming and operating optical measurement machines 
• Hands on experience operating inspection and characterization tools 
• Awareness of optical imaging software and related computer languages 
• Proficiency with optical test, inspection, and characterization methods 
• Demonstrated ability to work independently in a fast-paced research environment 

Preferred qualifications 
• Working knowledge of automated motorized stages 
• Knowledge of jig and stage design and fabrication 
• Experience with DSLR based digital photography 
• Understanding DOE methods for process optimization 
• Expertise in data management and databases