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Niche - Technical
Ref No.: 18-00699
Location: OH, Ohio
Job Description: The NDT Plant Level III Engineer is responsible for providing oversight and direction for nondestructive testing processes at our Tubular facility and third party subcontractors. The Engineer works closely with plant and subcontractor NDT personnel to maintain the highest levels of NDT accuracy and performance. The Engineer performs plant training and assists plants and subcontractors, as needed, with Demonstrated Capability Testing of all production NDT units.

•Maintain current and develop new plant level and corporate NDT procedures
•Monitor and audit all plant NDT equipment calibration, set up and operating practices including Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic Inspection, Eddy Current Grade Verification and Spectrotest
•Identify, select and evaluate new equipment for the facility/Division and investigate/identify new methods or techniques to increase the repeatability, accuracy and efficiency of current equipment.
•Administer NDT training for plant management and represented personnel, as needed, as well as maintain all NDT training records.
•Monitor plant record keeping practices to ensure plants are maintaining up to date and proper employee NDT training records.
•Assist plants with manufacturing and tracking NDT reference standards.
•Coordinate, audit and approve all third party outside NDT services used by the plants.
•Monitor plant NDT equipment practices to ensure that all NDT equipment is calibrated and functioning properly.
•Monitor plant equipment set up practices to ensure that verifications of standardization are being performed on all NDT equipment.
•Ensures that plant and subcontractor NDT equipment Demonstrated Capability Testing is performed for production NDT equipment. Identifies and directs needed changes to plant equipment to achieve required DemCap results. Approves or rejects third party NDT equipment based on DemCap results.
•Monitor changes to Industry NDT, and ASNT standards, and represent USS at API standardization meetings.

•Valid Level III certification in the Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic, and Magnetic Particle methods.
•Minimum 5 years of NDT experience with prior tubular experience required.
•Technical education/degree preferred
•Ability to troubleshoot all NDT equipment and assist with repairs

Preferred Skills:
•ASNT level III certification in ultrasonic, magnaflux and flux leakage inspection preferred, but other certifications will be considered.
•Familiarity with spectroscopy and programming/maintaining portable spectrometers.
•Knowledge of API & ASTM NDT specifications and pipe flaws.
•Ability to visit customer sites and inspect and disposition pipe.
•Knowledge of Microsoft word and excel.
•Experienced trainer as this position is responsible for training of plant hourly personnel in NDT inspection methodologies.

Competency Summary
- As a senior leader of the company, qualified candidates for this role also must demonstrate the ability to lead change, effective communication, and high-performance teams. - As a manager/supervisor of the company, qualified candidates for this role also must demonstrate the ability to manage change, communicate effectively, and lead high-performance teams. - As an individual contributor, qualified candidates for this role also must demonstrate the ability to champion change and effective communication while contributing to team success.