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Analytics / Automation
Ref No.: 17-01060
Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Be a leader and have a positive impact on our product, process and people.
  • Value excellence and create an extremely consumable product for Business, QA and Developers
  • Implement best practice and current Automation (Jenkins, Selenium, Cucumber, Appium, Python, Perl, etc.)
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Proven track record of being adept at Computer Science / Application development using many modern development languages (e.g. Java, Perl, Python, SQL, R, ORM)
  • Thinks in terms of design patterns and developing scalable products – quickly. (e.g. Factories, Abstraction, DRY, Builders, prototyping, Adapter, filter, composite, decorator, fac¸ade, flyweight, proxy, mediator, etc.)
  • Track record (and bias towards) Test Driven Development – with a clear understanding of how to create a production quality thin vertical feature (< 4 Days for a consumable feature + explaining how).
  • Very competent at writing, reverse engineering, and operating Web Applications (HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, NodeJS, AngularJS, extJS, SenchaTouch Framework, FlightJS, requireJS, wireJS , AngularJS, Ractive.js, Bootstrap, Less / Sass)
  • Very competent at writing, reverse engineering, and operating Micro-Service Applications (Spring, REST, SOAP, Java, .NET, JSON, XML, JMS, JAX-WS, MQ, SQL, Mongo, NoSQL, multi-threaded/concurrent programming, code profiling and optimization)
  • Clear understanding of how supporting platforms work and the lifecycle of a web transaction (DNS, Networks, WebSphere, Tomcat, HTTPD, IIS, Load Balancing, DB2, MySQL, Oracle)
  • Strong at perceiving technical security threats and is security minded
  • Practical thinking & reliable (e.g. can be relied upon to follow through and does sensible things)
  • Passion for excellent technology with a history of contributing to open source frameworks or other projects outside of work (e.g. in the know on technical trends and upcoming technology)
Knows how to partner with others and focus on the goal