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Ref No.: 18-03770
Location: Hersey PA, New Jersey

Job Title : SAP ABAP
Location : Hersey PA
Position Type : Contract
Job Description:
SAP ABAP S/4 HANA with specialization in Fiori, SAP Landscape Transformation
Advanced Database Programming with ABAP 7.4
· ABAP Core Data Services
· SAP HANA Core Data Services
· Open SQL Enhancements
· ABAP Database Procedures
· ABAP Code Analysis
· SQLScript
· Database Procedures
· Analytical Models
· Integrating Native SAP HANA Development Objects with ABAP Integrating Analytic Views
· Integrating Native Procedures with ABAP
· Runtime Statistics and Traces
· System-Wide Analyses
· SQL Performance Optimization
· Optimization Procedure
· Implementing Transactional Apps
· Implementing Fact Sheet Apps
· Implementing Analytical Apps
· Creating OData Services with SAP Gateway
· Custom Development and Extension
· Introduction to SAP Web IDE
· Creating and Extending Transactional Apps
· Creating and Extending Fact Sheet Apps
· Creating and Extending Analytical Apps
· Workflow and SAP Fiori
· Lifecycle Management for Side-by-Side Extensibility
· Lifecycle Management for Key User Extensibility in the Cloud
· Lifecycle Management for classic and Key User Extensibility On-Premise