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Microstrategy Developers - IN
Ref No.: 18-03235
Location: N Brunswick, New Jersey
Job Title               : Microstrategy Developers
Location               : IN
Position Type       : Contract  
Job Description:
1 Fluent with Installation and Configuration of Micro Strategy 10.x, Micro Strategy Desktop, Micro Strategy Web (Jboss), Micro Strategy Mobile, Micro Strategy Intelligence Server in a clustered environment.
2 Fluent with Load balancing (I †" Server and JBoss Web), performance tuning for cube scheduling, loading, partitioning, ODBC/SQL optimizing, screen response time, end-user experience optimization, etc.
3. Able to provide technical recommendation, performance tuning and result validation

4. Memory / Disk: Memory management - For ad-hoc (Visual Insight/Intelligence cubes) reporting
5. Monitor automation by Enterprise Manager, Operation Manager and Health Center to meet client’s requirement
6. Configuring DB connections on MSTR Servers - Teradata, Aster, Big Data, Hive, Oracle, Windows AD, pass through.
7. Design and develop MicroStrategy Schema Object for dashboards and reports
8. Design, implement and schedule Intelligence cubes for ad-hoc analysis
9. Integration via SDK as necessary for report generation, automation, developer and so on.
10. Experience with full enterprise applications migration from MSTR 9x to MSTR 10x.