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Camel (EAI) - Phoenix, AZ
Ref No.: 17-03790
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Job Title: Camel (EAI)
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Position Type: Full Time
Salary: DOE
US Citizen, Green Card, H4 EAD and GC EAD only
Job Description:
  • Java 6+ Annotations, Generics, Reflection, Inheritance, Lamda, OO Design, NIO, Bean Validation Mandatory
  • Spring 4+ Java Config, Beans, Post Processor, Autowiring, Profiles Mandatory
  • Apache Camel or strong knowledge of Enterprise Integration Patterns 2+ Ignite, Split, AggregationStrategy, HTTP, SFTP, REST, Kafka Mandatory
  • Apache Ignite or strong foundation in Messaging, JCache and related events 2+ Cache, Queue, Events (Create, Expire), Continuous Query Mandatory
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous programming experience 5+ Callbacks, Future, Polling, Timeout, Error Handling Mandatory
  • Linux Tuning 2+ file-max,
  • ip_local_port_range, rmem_max, wmem_max, rmem_default,
  • wmem_default, optmem_max, tcp_rmem, tcp_wmem, netdev_max_backlog,
  • tcp_max_syn_backlog, tcp_max,_tw_buckets, tcp_tw_reuse, tcp_tw_recycle,
  • tcp_fin_timeout, tcp_slow_start_after_idle, tcp_sack, tcp_timestamps,
  • ulimit
  • Spring Boot Optional)
  • Drools DRL Rules experience