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Landscape Management Consultant - Milwaukee, WI
Ref No.: 17-03448
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Position: Landscape Management Consultant
Planned start date: October 9, 2017
Planned end date: November 17, 2017

Start date flexible: Yes
Remote: Yes
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Rate: rate+exp

Scope of Tasks:

- Validate LVM scope of work.

Customer is looking for an experienced SAP Landscape Management (SAP LaMa) consultant for a 4-6 week engagement. Internal Resources have already started the install process, but have reached a point in the process where an experienced consultant would prove beneficial.
The following activities are what we are looking to accomplish:

1) Review the activities that internal resources have completed to date; Confirm that the install steps to date have been properly completed; Develop a plan for completing the remaining steps;
2) Add any systems that still need to be added into the system, including Business Objects, Data Services and Information Steward (Non-NetWeaver systems);
3) Assist with configuring groupings by environment (DEV, QA, PRD, Etc);
4) Assist with defining system dependencies so we can automate system stops/starts/restarts, ensuring systems are stopped and started in the correct sequence;
5) Utilize the SAP LaMa application to build our Dress Rehearsal environments; Get refresh scripts in place for all systems that will be refreshed from our Production environment;
6) Assist in setting up Near-Zero downtime maintenance for NetWeaver Java-based system support packs/upgrades;
7) Identify any other benefits that customer might realize in terms of speeding up support packs/upgrades in general;
8) Assist in the build of custom scripts/hooks;
9) Evaluate the latest support pack.
Start date is flexible.