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UX Designer
Ref No.: 17-02997
Location: Houston, Texas
Position: UX Designer
Location: Houston, TX
Duration: 6 Months +
Perform web UX design of a new enterprise Web/Analytics platform which will run primarily on a PC in a web browser, but should display well on mobile devices also. Work in an agile scrum team through all phases of the software release cycle and very importantly, be able and willing to perform UX design in an incremental user story at a time perspective.  Big design up front is not an approach desired for this role.  Regularly participate in development of user stories and work with team on UX 'as is' and 'to be' workflow design. Develop a deep understanding of client requirements and be responsible during the development phase for designing realistic positive and negative test cases which follow actual domain specific workflows to verify that the software meets the customer requirements and performance specifications
Skills Required
  • Bachelors or Master's Degree in Petroleum, Chemical, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering with 2-6 years of rigorous UIUX experience for enterprise web and/or BI analytics applications
  • Ability to show or describe a portfolio of design work with a description of how the designs improved the UX workflow of said applications.
  • Good technical and problem solving skills with a drive for results.
  • Willingness to elicit requirements from broad range of stakeholders and achieve consensus.
  • Must have excellent English written and verbal communications skills.
  • Works well in teams, focuses well on sprint plans, but able to pivot and swarm as often as needed to help the team meet sprint goals
  • Must have 1+ years' experience on an agile project and can describe alignment with the agile manifesto.
  • Experience with a project which required UX Design 'from the ground' up on a brand new application
  • Formal UX credential, certification, and/or training
  • Experience in Requirements/Business Analysis.
  • Experience in oil & gas industry preferred.
  • Active participant in software requirements analysis community with keen interest in the latest best requirements analysis practices and trends.
  • Detail oriented.