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Senior Network Engineer - Data Center
Ref No.: 18-00078
Location: San Diego, California
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 02/22/2018
Senior Network Engineer

  • Become familiar with client network, organizational structure, processes and procedures to ensure network is available and sustainable
  • Work with client to understand the existing network design and requirements of any new network designs
  • The Engineer is expected to peer with other employees performing similar engineering roles to help minimize risk associated with major network upgrades or changes in the network.
  • Test new Designs, features, and functionality in a lab environment to verify that they are operating correctly in the live network
  • Support & troubleshoot equipment and network problems through to problem resolution on pre and post production issues
  • Produce written summary report(s) of the status of Design projects, equipment and network problems when required
  • Train client's design, implementation and support personnel to configure and operate various network products
  • Work with client to develop Network Operating and Equipment Operating Procedures
  • Support of products within the Customer infrastructure
  • Assist in defining best practice policies for product applications used by Customer
Base Qualifications
  • Strong background in providing implementation and technical support of networking products in an enterprise environment
  • Strong experience with Juniper Data Center Technologies a must
  • EVP/VxLAN experience highly preferred
  • Must have strong core routing experience including BGP, OSPF/ISIS and MPLS
  • Experience with the following Juniper Products are essential: MX480/960, high end EX Series Switches, SRX3600/5800 and QFX3500/3600/5100
  • Experience with QFX10000 a big plus

Network Environment & Scope of Work
  • Large transport network utilizing OSPF/ISIS, BGP, MPLS, RSVP/LDP. Clients physical network covers most of the geography of southern California. They have approximately 300 L3 hop locations connected via a combination of Ethernet over Fiber, some copper, some microwave and a relatively small amount of traditional TDM. The network is 98% Juniper, consisting of MX960s/MX480 (2 WAN and 2 CORE routers in each Datacenter) MX240s, SRX240s in packet mode, MX104s, ACXs, LN2600s. There is a smattering of CTP utilized to provide Circuit Emulation over the IP network
  • MPLS with both LDP and (transitioning to) RSVP is utilized everywhere. Both L2 and L3 tunneling are employed. VRFs are used at endpoints to segment traffic for transport across the converged network. QOS is heavily employed to protect critical services during unexpected network load events
  • OSPF is the IGP used and BGP is utilized to provide the MPLS signaling services (VPLS, etc) as well as for standard external route advertisement with peers.
  • Support client project to migrate configuration and management of the network to Junos Space. The Space applications they use are Service Now, Service Insight, Network Director and Services Activation Director.
  • Network edge security is provided by SRX5800, SRX3600 and a smattering of smaller devices. They also use SRXs to provide access control to the data center, as well as some critical operations area
  • Data centers employ Q-Fabric for core switching, utilizing QFX3500s and QFX5100 at the top of rack. Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCOE) is transported across the fabric as well. Migration plan is in effect to move to QFX10k with NSX acting as the overlay design in datacenters
  • Large amount of EX switching infrastructure, utilizing EX3300s, 4200s, 4300s, 8200s, and 9200s, as well as the QFX line 3500s, 3600s, and 5100s.