Previous Job
Admin/ Engg.
Ref No.: 17-00920
Location: NEW YORK CITY, New York
Location: NYC
Headcount: 2
Rate: 500 $ P/D ( Including our margin)
  1. UNIX, Windows, and VMWare experience - UNIX - Linux is a must. Windows will be added plus. VMWare is just nice to have.
  2. Web Technologies experience (Web Servers, Application Servers, etc.) Apache / tomcat is a must (mainly tuning, configuration and troubleshooting) – Application Server (admin, engineering and workload management – not development – WebSphere, Tomcat etc.
  3. 2+ years Hadoop engineering – Cloudera is highly desired but not mandatory - do not need Hadoop developers – need engineers someone who can package Hadoop and can load balance, kerberize various services.
  4. Database skills (DB2) – very nice to have not mandatory. Should have very strong conceptual knowledge on DB connection, connection pool, indexing, binding / rebinding packages etc.
  5. Strong understanding of how applications interact at in TCP/IP Protocol – Should have knowledge of networks, TCP/IP, Firewalls, etc. – will not be doing any administration of these. Just need the knowledge
  6. Understanding of Java Concepts – yes – should not be a developer.
  7. Scripting - Shell and Perl scripting are needed. Python nice to have.
Note: 1, 2, 5 and 6 and 7 are the most critical ones.