Ref No.: 17-00716
Location: Sterling, Virginia
Location: Sterling, VA
Duration: 6 months

5 years onsite experience.
  • Must Have Linked In ID

Below is Java tech stack we would expect a potential candidate to be good at. If a candidate has been working onshore for 5+ years independently then ideally he/she should have these basic concepts clear.
  • Please find below job description for Java profile for 6 to 8 years of experience.
  • Design patterns like MVC, Factory, Abstract Factory and other Creational, behavioral and Decorator patterns.
  • JVM internals, memory model , memory leak and GC tuning.
  • Strong expertise in Core Java like Collections, Multi-threading, Serialization, File handling.
  • Good on Java frameworks like Spring 3, any ORMs like Hibernate, IBatis and Struts 2
  • Web services like SOAP and restful.
  • Good experience on Unix and shell scripting.
  • Continuous integration like Jenkins, team city and so on.
  • Java script frameworks like JQuery.